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  1. moni at | | Reply

    Looks OK to me.
    She can use some makeup though

  2. malini at | | Reply

    okay .. she is back with her BAG and the pose.. only reason she gets the mention is due to BIRKIN.. sigh

  3. BLT at | | Reply

    She seems to be playing safe: find a decent look / combination of clothing, and stick to it, with minor variations in the accessory department.

    Then again, I’m guilty of doing the same myself, when I can’t be bothered to think too much about my shirts and jeans and shoes.

  4. BLT at | | Reply

    ps: That Gucci belt would look so much better cinching in a dress, than being teamed with a shirt/top.

  5. masood at | | Reply

    lovely belt and the look is a definite break frm her usual self……but i still dont understand the hue and cry abt the birkin bags

  6. Rita at | | Reply

    Someone please explain to me How these Indian actress who are not as rich as some other actress.
    Can effort to buy BIRKIN..
    The bags which retail in us for $16,000.00

  7. anon at | | Reply

    who is she?

  8. vera at | | Reply

    or may be a quick trip to Bangkok.;-)

  9. yummy at | | Reply

    are u serious … i heard this many times .. .can we get those kind of bags for cheaper price in bankok …. plsss do tell me that we can …..

  10. malini at | | Reply

    isn’t there a website..where you can rent or lease bags.. i bet all these socialites do that in india??
    otherwise.. i really don’t think they can afford all this luxury either.
    what is the name of the webiste. P & P PLEASE HELP

  11. malini at | | Reply

    am sure they have tons of money.. the richie richs.. anyhow i won’t get into that..

    i know this is a fashion blog, but from time to time.. with blog getting popular…more members joining.. am sure lots of comments will be made.. it’s natural..
    sometimes.. being too honest with your thoughts.. and your fingers typing away.. things and comments are written.
    i will see these people as hanger for clothes and if i don’t like the hanger the delicious cloth is hanging on.. its hard to hold it back.. :)

  12. Bsimple at | | Reply

    P & P, there should be a “Can you spot the differences” caption along with your “Again” posts…LOL

  13. sim at | | Reply

    Not all but some who got no talent and average looks come from very wealthy backgrounds and being a star is just something they wanted to do instead of as source of income

  14. suchi at | | Reply

    what is she famous for anyway? I agree with rita not sure how there small time actresses can afford all these things. I dont buy savvy investments etc. But like Sim says probably from a wealthy background.

  15. suchi at | | Reply

    forgot the imp thing, the outfit looks good, very simple and elegant no wonder she repeats it:)

  16. Aarthi at | | Reply

    I love this look. Its very wearble for everyday occasions…understand and fashionable…this is a look I would totally want to try myself…minus the Birkin ofcourse….noooooooooooowhere near that wealthy…heck my savings doesnt even have the 3 or 4 zeros that go into the cost of a Birkin!! LOL…also I as much as I love high-end brands, frankly my lifestyle doesnt really even warrant a Birkin or a Gucci even…am pretty much your average stay-at-home on Friday nights watching a movie kind-of person…where am I gonna go that people even notice that I am carrying a Birkin!!

  17. anisha at | | Reply

    i like the bag…like the shirt…like the belt….like tha bag,,,,but i dont like the jeans n the shoes….i mean i wud wear all of these accept the jeans and shoes….instead i wud wear a very sexy pair of a jeans n awsome shoes….i mean this is decent..i accept…but its a bit aunty type jeans….

  18. FARAH at | | Reply

    I’ve got 4 bags this year and a clutch and am not an actress, so these bags are definately affordable and am sure not rented or fakes etc..especially in kehkasha’s case. she LOVES her brands and totally loves to flaunt them.

    BTW the watch she is wearing in on my drool list. it’s a ROLEX and for 19 lacs, so a 5/6 lac bag for her is no big deal.
    anyway, P&P my question.
    how does one go about buying the Birkin??
    pls do tell me, as i think i may just be ready to get one

  19. anon at | | Reply

    I still don’t understand the buzz about a Birkin- just out of curiosity- is it because of the style/structure/detailing or is it because it’s not easy to lay your hands on one (although tons of celebs in India seem to have it)? What is it?? I find Birkin a nice bag but a tad boring?? Not that I can afford it, but if I could I would still go for another bag..
    And now I am bracing for the flak because of my Birkin snub:-)

  20. minal at | | Reply

    Actresses earn a lot in India..bollywood is a very big industry with earnings from all around the world. So the bags these celebs carry around are very much affordable. Its pocket change compared to what they get paid per film.
    On another note she is an actress and her outfit is great..simple and well put together.

  21. Sweetz at | | Reply

    BIRKIN! She had a small blue one as well didn’t she

  22. Surbhi at | | Reply

    wow..she is looking neat and not bloated here, actually.. i like the look too.. dont care too much about the bag

  23. J at | | Reply

    I agree with Anon…whats the big deal about a Birkin. I think its nice but looks too mature. I may want to carry it when I’m 60, not at 25. Its definitely boring.

  24. Adit at | | Reply

    Just FYI she comes from a loaded business family and is married to a loaded business family…. so how much she spends on bags is really nobody’s business….as she definitely did not take my money to buy it…

  25. ashika at | | Reply

    opoo god she s repeating everything. from her black top to jeans to birkin bag to make-up !!!!!!! thank god she didnt repeated her sandals, watch, rings and braclet..

    but she looking nice..

  26. K at | | Reply

    You know, I’ve been seeing her for YEARS at these socialite parties and events…. but never quite figured WHAT is her claim to fame? How does she afford such expensive items?

    On another note, I love her look here! Everything is well put together.

  27. MD at | | Reply

    samw pose for the nth time

  28. MD at | | Reply

    same i mean

  29. FARAH at | | Reply

    P&P why no reply again??

  30. FARAH at | | Reply

    thank you thank you!! the waiting list but..god..

    i was thinking a medium to large classic red one?? pls tell me what you think??

  31. susan at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful….not many are aware that BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE CHOOSE HER TO BE INDIA’s 100 most invited celebraties at all the beautiful events……so with so many invitations her way… even she repeats an outfit it is totally justified…

  32. mona at | | Reply

    this looks classy and proves she has very good taste…

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  34. anu at | | Reply

    she looks fab!

  35. manu at | | Reply

    love her look..

  36. gina at | | Reply

    She is rocking the BIRKIN!!!

  37. Sandy at | | Reply

    WOW!She looks great!

  38. rekha at | | Reply

    she is totally rocking the BIRKIN!

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