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  1. Afshan Adlakha at | | Reply

    The price of silver flutes is 10400 Rs for a set of 2.
    My date on Valentines day is my husband.

  2. mily at | | Reply

    the price is 10400 INR. and i loved the flutes…my date this valentines day is ofcourse my boyfriend who is very soon going to be my fiance! and the fact that he loves his drink..will make this a even better gift for him :)

  3. Prerna at | | Reply

    The price of the champagne flutes are Rs. 10,400.

    I will be spending V Day with My Girls! <3

  4. Priyanka Mansotra at | | Reply

    the cost of silver champagne flutes is INR 10,400.
    this valentines my company is going to be the sweet and loving memories of my husband. we will wish each other on phone as he is away for work for two long months:(

  5. Anusha at | | Reply

    Liked cherry tin
    Price 10400
    I would like to date my bestie Stella this Valentine’s Day. . She needs lots of love as it is a difficult time for her at the moment (her family, relationship, health, trying to get a roof over her and mum’s heads). Just a surprise gift to let her know that she is loved!

  6. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Hey Lovely gift ideas,

    1.Liked them on facebook
    2. Price is 10,400
    3. My date is with my 2 kids and hubby at a resort…

  7. April at | | Reply

    The price of the flutes is 10,400 rupees and luckily, this year, I’ll be spending Valentines Day with my favourite boy in the whole wide world :)

  8. Ramya pavankumar at | | Reply

    I would love to surprise my valentine date-my dear husband,with these Rs 10400 worth exquisite silver Flutes.

  9. Ritika Palit at | | Reply

    Price of champagne flute- 10,400
    My date is my boyfriend and we are celebrating our first valentine together!

  10. Saini at | | Reply

    My amma (mother) :)

  11. Saini at | | Reply

    My amma (mother) :)

    Proce is Rs. 10,400/-

  12. Parul at | | Reply

    The champagne flutes are 10,400. My valentine this year is my boyfriend turned fiancée turned husband. It’s my first valentines after the wedding. So a much suitable gift for us.

  13. Rashmi K at | | Reply

    1. Liked on FB.
    2. The price of the flutes is Rs.10,400.
    3. My date on Valentine’s Day is my boyfriend of 5 years. Night at home with pizza, white wine and reruns of SNL. :)

  14. Nikita at | | Reply

    1. Liked
    2. Price : 10,400
    3. Valentine date: aditya

  15. swati at | | Reply

    I am spending my valentines day with the one and only love of my life..my best friend of 17yrs and life partner of 12 yrs…the only man who deserves me ????

  16. Nilakshi S. at | | Reply

    Price: Rs. 10,400
    Date: Mr. Ronit Arora

  17. pallavi gupta at | | Reply

    its. Rs. 10,400/-

  18. Prachi Chhabria at | | Reply

    Price: 10,400
    Date: Rosh
    Liked FB page: Done

  19. mansi at | | Reply

    the champagne flutes are for 10,400/-
    my valentine is my mom… cz off lately she s been thru a lot mentally and i think it will be a sweet and a gud gesture for her…

  20. Niharika Naidu at | | Reply

    1. Done
    2. 10,400 INR
    3. The love of my life – my boyfriend of eight and a half years :D

  21. Flier at | | Reply

    Oh I could go all mushy here, its the Love month. My date is my boyfriend, 7 years and stronger!

  22. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    1] Done
    2] $155
    3] My baby boy!

  23. Pavithra at | | Reply

    The price of champagne flutes is : 10,400 rs.
    Liked the FB Page :)
    My date for this valentine is my husband of 18 years :)

  24. Bela Trivedi at | | Reply

    1. Done
    2. Rs. 10,400
    3. Husband

  25. Devika Shetty at | | Reply

    1. Liked!
    2. 155$
    3. A bottle of bubbly and a great movie.
    Well actually no. I will be shooting a wonderful couple getting married. So the lovebirds will be my date! ^_^

  26. pallavi at | | Reply

    Price is 10400
    Done :)

  27. EPIPHANY at | | Reply

    Silver Champagne Flutes- Rs. 10,400

  28. khushi at | | Reply

    My date for the valentine will be my fiance :)
    Yup i am engaged to be married soon. These flutes will be perfect gift for my new home!
    Cross my fingers and hope to win!
    Price of Silver Champagne Flutes: Rs. 10,400
    Liked on FB!

  29. Rashi at | | Reply

    The flutes are for INR 10,400.
    My date this valentines, like the last 8 years, would be my husband! Would love to pop open a bubbly and relax with a nice meal at home. Something we like to do, not just on valentine’s day but every so often :)

  30. Chetna Kathuria Bhatnagar at | | Reply

    – The price of the Champagne flutes is Rs 10,400.
    – My date this Valentine is my dear husband, AS finally this year, our 4 yr old daughter will stay back at home with her grandparents and me and my husband will share a romantic date after 4 YEARS

  31. Janaki at | | Reply

    Done! I love the flutes! Priced at Rs 10400, they are a bit outside budget; but maybe I could convince my valentine date, Kunal (my boyfriend of 14 years) to buy them for our place!

  32. Priya Samnotra at | | Reply

    fb like done.!
    champagne flutes cost rs 10,400/-
    My date is my childhood sweetheart and my boyfriend of 8yrs..!! :)

  33. charu gupta at | | Reply

    The Champagne flutes are jus too beautiful :) .. i totally totally loved them .. the price i jus saw is 10,400 .. n ya my Valentine .. as i said on FB .. My dearest … My love .. My precocious .. My husband .. Rahul :)

  34. Manika at | | Reply

    Price : Rs 10,400
    My date for this valentine is my husband Sumit. This is our first valentines together :)

  35. Savita at | | Reply

    Price of silver champagne flute is Rs. 9658.05.my valentine always will be my love,my life,my husband dheeraj.

  36. vibha at | | Reply

    I have liked the page on FB.
    the price of the champagne flute is 10,400/- (Courtesy your hint)
    going on a date with my BF Kanishk Sewak:):)


    Hope I win!!!!

  37. Shreshtha Singh at | | Reply

    the price for these Champagne flutes is 10400/-
    And My Dad is my Valentine :)

  38. Ravita Kankaria at | | Reply

    1. Liked
    2. The price of the Champagne flutes featured here is Rs. 10,400
    3. My date for this valentine is none other than my BFF who proposed me & made me felt like as if I am made just for him <3 He let me sneak peak into his personal diary, was amazed how beautifully has he described me and our each meeting. ^_^

  39. Suman Jain at | | Reply

    1. Liked
    2. Rs. 10,400/-
    3. The one who wrote a b’ful poem for me & made me smile by sending across my fav. orchids surrounding a single stem rose – My Husband :)

  40. preksha at | | Reply

    1. Done
    2. Rs. 10,400/-
    3. My fiancee

  41. divya khurana at | | Reply

    1. Done
    2. Rs. 10,400/-
    3. My best friend aka lover !

  42. Leya Elias at | | Reply

    the price of the Champagne flutes is Rs 10,400/-

  43. Seema at | | Reply

    date is my baby and hubby


  44. Nidhi Chandna at | | Reply

    Price: Rs. 10,400
    Done :)

  45. Deepthi Reddy at | | Reply

    I am Deepthi and the price of the champagne glasses is around 10,400 :-) i have liked the page as well. The design of the glass is absolutely stunning !
    My valentine is Arjun whom i want to get married to this year. Hoping to win the battle of love that we are going through now and hoping to win these lovely glasses too !


  46. Manideepa Paul at | | Reply

    Rs. 10,400
    Done – liked the page.

  47. Kavya Seetala at | | Reply

    1.Liked. FB Name: Kavya Seetala
    3.My Mom as always.

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