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  1. Kin at | | Reply

    utterly disgusted by Ameesha Patel

  2. ariel001 at | | Reply

    What!? Ameesha looks the best here! Her makeup and hair are stunning. The clutch is a great contrast too. But just wish the dress was a little longer. Zarine and Jiah look like a mess!

    1. Mads at | | Reply

      Erm… Ummm… And what about the fact that she is missing inner wear??

      1. Wondering at | | Reply

        Oh shoot! i did not even notice that before.. hahahaha..

        1. hmm at | | Reply

          haha i didn’t either.. i had to increase the brightness on my laptop..now i see it

        2. ariel001 at | | Reply

          Oh sorry ladies! I now see it but I don’t find it distracting at all. It maybe a camera trick as someone said below. Her overall look was far more put together than Jiah and Zarine. There are models who walk the runway and actresses (megan fox, elizabeth olsen, etc) whose breasts are exposed while looking graceful. Don’t understand why Ameesha is being criticized when hers aren’t fully exposed, just saying

    2. priya at | | Reply

      are you KIDDING me? Granted, her makeup is good, but the lack of bra/pasties and the camera flashes combine to make a tacky disaster. TACKY TACKY TACKY!!

    3. Dia at | | Reply

      Ummm… Look Closer :)

      1. mary at | | Reply

        are you serious about the makeup. Send some mattifier or blotting sheets her way real soon!

  3. Ihts.allforshow at | | Reply

    When I saw the first 2 pics, I was like “Ohhh ok; they both look really pretty”

    Then I looked at the 3rd pic and I just popped out of my chair for a moment.


    *Covers Eyes*

  4. Ash at | | Reply

    I guess she hasn’t heard of pasties? Then again, Ameesha has always been tacky.

  5. Ruchii at | | Reply

    OMG.. am feeling bad for her.. i guess she doesn’t even realize what all is happening.. super oops moment!!

    1. ana at | | Reply

      she was i think nt in mood, but she isnt always like this…but she looks nice in her make up here

  6. Maz at | | Reply

    I hate to criticize, but I really feel that Ameesha Patel has been a bit of the rails lately, I wish she’d get it together.

  7. bongbabe at | | Reply

    is jiah wearing a wig? looks like it.

  8. bozo at | | Reply

    Wow. Why do people make such personal attacks? “Disgusted” “Always been tacky”? I obviously see the issue with Ameesha’s outfit, but there is a SLIGHT possibility that it is a trick of the camera. It happens.

    But even if it’s not, whatever happened to expressing your opinion in a civil manner?

    1. koko at | | Reply

      Thank You !!!! and its not even a big deal.Oops moments happens all the time and terms like ” Disgusted ” should be used for the silly blogggers \ magazines who make it a point to mention it.If PnP had not mentioned it half of the people would not have noticed. I expect a little more from girls who pose themselves as sophisticated bloggers.

    2. hmm at | | Reply

      welcome to desi blog/forum that’s to do with celebrities.. its like that everywhere.. some places nastier than others..

    3. Kin at | | Reply

      Whatever happened to dressing up in a civil manner?
      The comment was made on the basis of this not being her first ”flash.” Can’t give the benefit of the doubt each time.

      1. SULPHUR at | | Reply

        So what’s the big deal actually? I agree with the second comment. I like her makeup and accessories. It’s very unfair to be so judgmental . Find you don’t like it, but these people are humans afterall. “Damn where did this horror come from” – totally uncalled for.

  9. ink at | | Reply

    Ameesha looks gorgeous but you can clearly see her nipples :$

  10. ragman at | | Reply

    Reminds me of this Friends episode, where Monica’s karaoke singing is a huge hit, cos the audience can see *everything*! Ms. Patel must have been popular that evening :)

  11. Padma at | | Reply

    I think Ameesha had one too many before she started dressing up for the event ;)

  12. Honey at | | Reply

    It’s bizarre that people who have been in this industry don’t know what the camera flashes can do to clothes. That’s one hot mess…which is sad, considering the ensemble is otherwise not bad.

  13. Kekti at | | Reply

    It’s NOT a see through, it’s just the lining of the dress! Have a look at close ups and it’ll look clearer. She is looking pretty IMO, people here just look for something to criticise.

  14. Kekti at | | Reply

    No one commented on Ameesha when she looked fab at Screen Awards, now when she is not wearing full makeup everyone is abusing her. Hypocrites.

  15. N at | | Reply

    Thanks @ Bozo. You said it.

  16. zainab at | | Reply

    I’m not saying that Ameesha’s looking good but you guys never say anything about Malaika Arora who’s much older than Ameesha and always wears as short as it could possibly get..even shorter than Ameesha’s!!

    or you gals are okay with it as long as it’s Malaika Arora? but as soon as someone else wears short then you can see it and comment on it!

    1. hmm at | | Reply

      yup people in this blog have different standards depending on the people.. what happened to objectivity

      1. diptiN at | | Reply

        I do not care for Malaika Arora’s short/tight dresses, but the truth is Malaika has the body to carry these clothes. Amisha DOES NOT.

      2. mary at | | Reply

        much as I love P&P there is quite a question mark on their objectivity. Sonam and Dia can do no wrong and the opposite is true for Ameesha, Madhu etc.

        1. sara at | | Reply

          i totally second u ! my comments arnt even published when i criticise soman Grrrr she is such a wannab what happend to her il never show skin statment !

          1. Priyanka at |

            We aren’t aware of any of your comments awaiting moderation. If they meet our comment policy (see the About page), they will be approved. If there has been an oversight, we’ll be happy to correct it. Please email us.

        2. SULPHUR at | | Reply

          Agree. As much I am addicted to HHC and P&P, they are very biased.

  17. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Amisha does own a mirror right? How could she have walked out of her home like that.

  18. Harsha at | | Reply

    There are some beautiful black dresses at The Collective! Gonna visit this shop on coming weekend… :)

  19. Saki at | | Reply

    Poor girl, Ameesha. i feel bad for her.

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