Doing Black

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Of the ladies who did black at this do, we liked Jiah the most. As for Ms. Patel, we give up! We can’t be the only ones seeing a lil’ more than we should ? Are we?

Jiah Khan, Zarine Khan and Ameesha Patel
at Ritesh & Genelia’s Pre-Wedding Bash at Royalty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What!? Ameesha looks the best here! Her makeup and hair are stunning. The clutch is a great contrast too. But just wish the dress was a little longer. Zarine and Jiah look like a mess!

  2. When I saw the first 2 pics, I was like “Ohhh ok; they both look really pretty”

    Then I looked at the 3rd pic and I just popped out of my chair for a moment.


    *Covers Eyes*

  3. Wow. Why do people make such personal attacks? “Disgusted” “Always been tacky”? I obviously see the issue with Ameesha’s outfit, but there is a SLIGHT possibility that it is a trick of the camera. It happens.

    But even if it’s not, whatever happened to expressing your opinion in a civil manner?

    • Thank You !!!! and its not even a big deal.Oops moments happens all the time and terms like ” Disgusted ” should be used for the silly blogggers \ magazines who make it a point to mention it.If PnP had not mentioned it half of the people would not have noticed. I expect a little more from girls who pose themselves as sophisticated bloggers.

    • Whatever happened to dressing up in a civil manner?
      The comment was made on the basis of this not being her first ”flash.” Can’t give the benefit of the doubt each time.

      • So what’s the big deal actually? I agree with the second comment. I like her makeup and accessories. It’s very unfair to be so judgmental . Find you don’t like it, but these people are humans afterall. “Damn where did this horror come from” – totally uncalled for.

  4. Reminds me of this Friends episode, where Monica’s karaoke singing is a huge hit, cos the audience can see *everything*! Ms. Patel must have been popular that evening 🙂

  5. It’s bizarre that people who have been in this industry don’t know what the camera flashes can do to clothes. That’s one hot mess…which is sad, considering the ensemble is otherwise not bad.

  6. It’s NOT a see through, it’s just the lining of the dress! Have a look at close ups and it’ll look clearer. She is looking pretty IMO, people here just look for something to criticise.

  7. No one commented on Ameesha when she looked fab at Screen Awards, now when she is not wearing full makeup everyone is abusing her. Hypocrites.

  8. I’m not saying that Ameesha’s looking good but you guys never say anything about Malaika Arora who’s much older than Ameesha and always wears as short as it could possibly get..even shorter than Ameesha’s!!

    or you gals are okay with it as long as it’s Malaika Arora? but as soon as someone else wears short then you can see it and comment on it!


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