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  1. mel at | | Reply

    Love everything about this look, the saree, the draping, the hair and the classic drop earrings. So beautiful.

    1. KJ at | | Reply

      I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    I think she looks very graceful and finally a different hairstyle after ages. And yes she is SMILING too!!wow

    1. Pheeling laejji at | | Reply


      1. ittu at | | Reply

        Agree… its all about new hairstyle…

    2. Shilpa at | | Reply

      Wow! Amazing. Best she has looked in years. Very age appropriate and nice.

  3. crab at | | Reply

    I’m not feeling this look. The shawl’s print belongs on a victorian drape or cushion cover. The saree is meh. If she wanted to go with a pastel shade, I really wish she had worn this instead:

  4. dev at | | Reply

    so elegant jaya aunty!

  5. Slc at | | Reply

    Like the saree. Shawl ruins the whole look because that’s all I see.

  6. riakukreja at | | Reply

    Jaya Ma’am u look simply amazing and classic. beautiful.

  7. Devika at | | Reply

    Love the hair! Wish she would’ve skipped the shiny bindi.

  8. monika at | | Reply

    so elegant.. love this look..

  9. mesta at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous!!!!!!
    and this comes from someone who never really liked her since she refuses to smile,
    love that hair!

  10. M at | | Reply

    love the fact that she has tried to wear her hair diffrently

  11. psudo at | | Reply

    Omg , why is Jaya ji trying a Waheeda Rehman hair do!!!
    And whats with the frown, a million dollar smile was all she needed to make to make this look work!!

  12. Pamela at | | Reply

    I think she’s marching to her own beat and honestly,it’s good to see someone aging this gracefully.A real lady.

  13. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This the nicest she has looked in ages. I think if not for the shawl, the saree would her washed her out. I like the addition of the shawl.

    1. dips at | | Reply


      1. Myvoiceandyours at | | Reply

        Agreed for sure!

  14. blahbum at | | Reply

    im sorry.. but she looks bad.. her hair is all kinds of bad.. and why that shawl.. why couldn’t she match it with her sari..

  15. Siya at | | Reply

    Of all the yesteryear actors and actresses(including her husband), she’s the only one who doesn’t color her hair, and I love her for it!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Waheeda Rahman is the other one…

  16. Psudo at | | Reply

    Beautiful! Think she should try out new designers like this instead of wearing the same old ghastly stuff from you-know-who!

    1. sanaa at | | Reply

      +1000 she looks terrible in the you-know-who ghastly bling. the daughter in law looked like a flowerpot at the ambani bash. dont they always give her the worst stuff?

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