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  1. Suchi at | | Reply

    This is the first time I have liked her. Usually she is trying too hard.

  2. lovelyj at | | Reply

    Is that snake skin print on her pants? I would normally stay away from everything she’s wearing yet it somehow looks perfect paired with the bag.

    1. shireen at | | Reply

      She does look great. The pants seem to be Zara.

  3. aishwarya at | | Reply

    lukin gorgeous as usual……

  4. Kat Hakim at | | Reply

    Jacqui just isn’t missing a beat off late! Can’t get enough of her flair. Love LOVE LOVE!

  5. Sahan at | | Reply

    She is gorgeous !

  6. vidusshe at | | Reply

    she is wearing snake skin pants from zara…however i would have preferred if she wore a bright spring colored top just like the zara spring 2011 campaign………she looks plain, the bag does all the talking indeed

  7. sara at | | Reply

    i tot it was summers in indiaaa !

  8. fatma at | | Reply

    I want the bag….lovely

  9. :Diti at | | Reply

    Lovvvve the bag.. hate the Jeans

  10. desimom at | | Reply

    What is that on her pants ? Snake skin print ? On my mobile browser with limited clarity looks like mold :P
    Liking the color of her bag, but that’s abt it…

  11. Rushil at | | Reply

    I heart the bag!

  12. Faiza at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE the bag i want one

  13. monika at | | Reply

    Are those jeans? seriously?

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