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  1. fashion_conscious at | | Reply

    Both are so full of it. it? it is makeup. Both have too much makeup on their faces. Both the ladies look stunning with bare minimum makeup. Why do they have to go spoil it with layers of makeup?

  2. miray at | | Reply

    you guys never do justice to Amrita Rao..

  3. nil at | | Reply

    Amrita is wearing Vikram Phadnis btw

  4. neha at | | Reply

    actually I liked Amrita’s gown very much

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    amrita is not so bad

  6. Saira at | | Reply

    Can’t look past how gorgeous Jaqueline is..

  7. kumar at | | Reply

    hate jacqueline but imana have to say she fares better on this round

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    ever since i saw that (sorry to say this…but…) “borderline porn” photo of jacqueline, i just cant think she looks nice in any thing…

  9. ZI at | | Reply

    Jacquelines gown wouldve looked much better without that ugly floral print on the bottom.
    Amritas is hideous!!!

  10. prita at | | Reply

    WOW I luved Amrita’s gown.. wanna have it too :))

  11. rina at | | Reply

    Both tacky gowns! And dont like their makeup either!!!

  12. VB at | | Reply

    dress on right is good but its the way she carried herself which is bad…..victoria beckham would have rocked it with tha tstern attitude

  13. Malsha at | | Reply

    jacqueline’s dress is by sri lankan designer label ‘Buddhi Batiks’. they have amazing creations, i went and visited on a trip to sri lanka. i think jackie does look great though!

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