Print This: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!


These three ladies did ‘prints’ but with such varied results! Loved Shruthi’s top, the print was fab (I couldn’t find a full length pic but if it helps, she paired that top with dark denims)! Tara’s little printed number was your usual garden variety. Quite boring. And that brings us to Mandira’s. Can’t honestly say we care for it! At all.

What do you all think?

Shruthi Hassan
Tara Sharma
Mandira Bedi



  1. Seriously, I’m sick of looking at Mandira’s smiling face all over this site. Not to sound so hateful (*smiley faces*) but, clearly you guys aren’t a big fan of Mandira.. is there anyway you can find someone else to hate on because I wouldn’t exactly consider her a style beacon anyway so it’s not like I’m surprised when she looks horrible. It’s kinda like putting a picture of a garbage can all over your site and saying “hey guys look its a garbage can! and again!”

  2. Shrutis is very cheerful… Taras is alrite.. would have liked to see another pose..

    I dont think mandira is that bad, but lately her style has become repetitive.. and we are bored looking at the same thing..

  3. shruthi looks great here. mandira looks ok and i much prefer seeing her here than no hopers like sameera reddy who i absolutely can’t stand.

  4. shruthi and tara look lovely and vibrant. mandira looks ok. it’s her hair that makes her look odd and the brown colour of the dress is too drab and sad. wish old mandira would come back.

  5. Love the way shruthi is looking, very fresh, she has her mom’s style – sarika carries off a saree as well as the regular jeans-top with aplomb

  6. i think i adore tara’s (that white space and the quaint nature motifs) and then next would be shruti’s. it IS a great top. i seem to like this girl. mandira..nothing special.

  7. right on spot… i do not like mandira’s recent style and nothing wrong with putting up her disasters almost every day…m loving it:D


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