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    Abu Sandip seems to be having a long run of uglies…

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    I think she looks amazing and breath taking in this look… maybe it is because of her makeup and hair. And how she looks more chic and put together than her normal commercial looks.

    1. Sun at | | Reply

      Totally agree with u!

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    I kind of like the dramatic effect the black and pink suit has on Sonakshi. Disappointed that she is not wearing a duppatta though.

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    You like Genelia’s ugly dress but not this?! I think she looks gorg

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      EXACTLY! I liked this. I think Sonakshi looks great here.

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    She works it….much better than aishwarya worked any Abu sandeep outfit for sure

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      u r so right on money!

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    Nice hair and make up, but the outfit, not so much. My policy is if the outfit has long sleeves, then the neck line should be open. Long dress, long sleeves, closed neckline, she is too bottled up.

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      Partially agree with u…yes, the neckline should’ve been open…but look how fab she looks…she’s totally working that outfit.

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        Exactly Sun….. i think we should change some POLICY according to some DESIGN …. that sheerness at neck is giving breathing space to the outfit….. and she is looking very good….

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    She looks beautiful.

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    One of the best looks i’ve seen on her.. she looks amazing!

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    Not a fan of the outfir but I still feel she somehow works it with that face..and I like the hair..

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    outfit* I meant

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    I think she looks chick and dramatic in this outfit it really compliments her!!!

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      Exactly! :)

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    The outfit is fabbb and she carries it off well too….Sonakshi hasnt ever looked so chic….I agree with jyoti some ppl really seem to have issues with abu sandeep….

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      My sentiments exactly!

      1. Keri at | | Reply

        True that :) ………it seems like the fashion communicator here lacks taste or possibly has a bias ………coz i would say this is the best Sona has looked……..its flawless and perfect !!!

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    She looks great here….,m wondering why you didnt like it!

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    I prefer her previous looks on HHC. Pink & black is a good combo, but it loses its’ charm in this ensemble.

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    the first Abu Sandeep that hasn’t made me yawn…good pick for Sonakshi!

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    I think….Sonakshi looks stunning ad super sexy in the black and pink outfit…Glad she didnt carry a dupatta as always(making her look a bit too much her age),as this gives her a nice indo-western look and she looks fab in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla…Gorgeous is the word…ppl who prefer Manish wld never like AJSK :) as AJSK clothes r always gorgeous and make a lady look sexy….:)

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      well allwyn well said………its like two different journos……im glad people share good taste …….in great spirit ……..!!!

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    People who have a good eye for clothes and taste will relate to the garment…it surely makes a great statement…Abu Sandeep are way way ahead of the manishs and the sabysachis…..Great work…

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    oh lala can’t get enough of this lady…she looks breathtaking with that gorgeous face of hers! With this angelic face she can carry any damn thing in the world…even a sack!

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