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  1. Rai at | | Reply

    It has to be Chitrangda singh! She looks gorgeous in it the red compliments her skin tone and the outfit looks amazing on her body it looks stunning!

  2. himani vora at | | Reply

    i think out of all deepika’s outfit is fab…..bcoz the styling is very unusual n very appealing…the color combination is very different….the outfit is making look her as a diva.

  3. A at | | Reply

    Even with that kind of red, Shilpa still looks damn good. Followed by Deepika and Divya. The make up, the color and the hair is all a joke on Ms Singh.

  4. Neha Rao at | | Reply

    Deepika Padukone..Cause her hair style exudes the feminity needed to enhance the lace details of the dress.Also,her makeup adds to the overall elegance.

  5. Namita Singh at | | Reply

    My pick is Deepika Padukone because she wears the dress well with an updo hairstyle which does not hide the neckline details & also she gives a very greecian goddess look.

  6. Shikha at | | Reply

    Liked Deepika Padukone’s look as the colour brings out the detailing of the blouse really well and is actually soothing. The red in the same worn by Chitrangada gets a little harsh. Also Deepika’s hairdo makes the dress become the highlight. The jewelry works well. The lip color draws just enough attention to her face. The footwear works but would have liked strappy ones a lil more with the overall look.

  7. Saini at | | Reply

    Deepika’s look! Her dusky skin looks amazing with the beige shade of the sari-gown, the drape makes her look like a Greek goddess (just saw the 300 sequel :P), aaaand she hasn’t gone overboard with the accessories and stuck to only a bold lip for drama. Can’t fault her look! :)

  8. Anusuya John at | | Reply

    I preferred Deepika’s look of all 4 as her nude blouse was the best fit to the satin saris that all were given. The sheer lining on her was less jarring on her and she carried it off better than anyone else by wearing her hair up and the choice of accessories (or lack thereof if you compare to Divya wink ) and choice of makeup.

  9. Madhuri Mehta at | | Reply

    I prefer the brown (on Deepika Padukone & Divya Khosla) to the red one. Both outfits are interesting designs and a different take on a traditional saree- which is appreciated. However, I just prefer the more sober, earthy brown colour – more neutral than the red and can perhaps be worn on any event. The red can appear a bit too jarring for more informal events. .

  10. Vani Jain at | | Reply

    My favourite is deepikas…
    Becoz of d color.. D subtleness and decent llook makes it so royal.. And also she carries it well..

  11. Neha Verma at | | Reply

    Chitrangada….the color and the silhouette, just stands out and complements her personality

  12. va at | | Reply

    my favorite look is deepika padukone’s look because the way she carries the outfit is very sleek and the gown drapes very well on her figure . The hair and makeup is also much better then the other celebs and her face has a nice glow .

  13. devina at | | Reply

    my Fav is Chitrangadas outfit. love the color. being a dusky girl like her , i think the red wud compliment me well. its such a sexy and fabulous outfit.

  14. jainee gandhi at | | Reply

    Love tge deepika padukone look. The colour is so muted yet tge sheen , elegance, a fantastic blouse and elegant drape makes it a very chic look.

  15. Leena M at | | Reply

    The first outfit is my favourite, the reason being that the saree gown with its colour and embroidery on it, worn by Deepika looks elegant and chic!

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