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  1. nik at | | Reply

    why does she ALWAYS look like she is brandishing whatever she’s wearing?? total attention seeker (i assume the other attention *** phrase won’t get my comment approved)

    but most of yall get my drift rite?

    1. zainab at | | Reply


  2. Nisha at | | Reply

    Didn’t expect such an atrocious outfit from her on couture week atleast!
    Stage costume! And footwear looks odd.. yellow in colour.. would like to get a closer look to be sure how heinous it is…

  3. Flower Power at | | Reply

    unless she’s coming straight from performing an item number, there’s no forgiving that dress

  4. b at | | Reply


  5. Manasi at | | Reply

    if al that glitters is gold, malaika’s forehead is 24 carats

  6. Kareena at | | Reply

    She looks so trampy – mutton dressed as lamb. She is such a beautiful woman, why doesnt she dress more classy and age appropriate!.

  7. Bosky at | | Reply


  8. Adit at | | Reply

    Its a really bad pic of her, she looked better in the crowd, a tad over the top (to put it politely), for the event, which was a little understated

  9. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    What is it with the shiny faces?! Hah just read manasi’s somment too.

  10. stylo at | | Reply

    ^^^agree with kareena

  11. Carol at | | Reply

    Can someone make this woman go away? She is so tacky and flashy – a desparate attention seeker. Pitiful

  12. HJ at | | Reply

    Did someone tell her that yellow is her lucky color this season? She seems to be wearing it in metallic too….eeeks
    And, definitely agree with Kareena…

  13. suri at | | Reply

    yuck! So tacky……

  14. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    It looks like chamkeela gift wrapping paper. And I agree with nik, Malaika never looks like goes out in public for any purpose except to show off her toned legs and back. She’s always posing and pouting for any cameras in sight. I never see pics of her talking to somebody, doing something, watching something etc. It’s like she has built-in camera sensors and pops into position as soon as one is around,

  15. ZydrateAnatomy at | | Reply

    It looks like she’s about to break into an impromtu item number…….

  16. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    whatever..she can carry it off so it works!

  17. haseena107 at | | Reply

    I think she looks great!

  18. naz at | | Reply

    hey guys i think she looks hot!! She looks like those socialites that never stop partying till 50! Keep it up girl, and although her thighs do resemble mutton chopsticks shes still quite omphy!

  19. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Fat thighs

  20. manisha at | | Reply

    she looks hot but its so not appropriate for anything other than an item number!

    what happened to the flowing maxi dresses and good taste??

  21. the mad momma at | | Reply

    bad angle on the pic. makes her thighs look as enormous as they are.

  22. Monika at | | Reply

    Too shiny and blinding-y for my taste. She’s got an awesome body and sleek, understated clothes would look so good on her.

  23. anon at | | Reply

    Drab with a capital D!!

  24. Aarthi at | | Reply

    what kind of a dress is that?? so blingy and over-the-top…like gold gift wrap….uggghhhhh!!!

  25. anoo at | | Reply

    I think she came straight from the sets of an item song………..awful…..why do they even bother to call it a couture week when ppl dont even attempt to dress well???

  26. mahak at | | Reply

    love her she manages to look the tackiest of things nice!

  27. prisha at | | Reply

    tacky, tacky, tacky.. all that money and no class or style…
    i think she cant differentiate b/w item nos and reality…

  28. Kiran at | | Reply

    fat n drab n cheap n eeewy

  29. Strwbry at | | Reply

    Seems like she is headed out for a disco night :P
    Usually she looks attractive, but this is not i mpressive.

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