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  1. apsara77 at | | Reply

    oh my!!! i don’t think i can even begin critiquing this outfit since it’s so self-evident…is this guy still acting?

  2. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    he looks a lot like sajid khan. i feel bad for him that he didn’t make it in the movies. but he was such a dork though! his outfit is bad, yes, but were we really expecting anything better? i know i wasn’t.

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    oh my!!!!

  4. k= at | | Reply

    thats actually repulsive!

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yuck! yuck! even the attitude is not worth talking about

  6. malini at | | Reply

    LOL………wow.. did he not check the mirror before leaving the house..what’s with color on the lips.. only nail polish is missing.. lol

  7. K at | | Reply

    Yah, agree about resemblance to Sajid Khan. He still looks so boyish though!!

  8. kinny at | | Reply

    where to begin… how about the buttons on those ‘jeans’ ??

  9. xx at | | Reply

    there is SO much to comment on, i can’t begin! lets just leave it at that :)

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply

    HA! I saw his face and thought “Pete Doherty”
    AND I’m still trying to figure who that’s an insult to- since, despite the fact that he looks like he’s about to collapse most of the time, Pete still looks more stlyish that Harish whats-his-face (and was part of The Libertines)
    So I’ve just indirectly stated that this man makes Pete Doherty look good…

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    tee hee NEVERMIND!
    Doherty looks hot in his new Cavali adds! :D
    (…good God)
    ’tis a shame

  12. Neha at | | Reply

    Where on Earth do u even get such jeans????

  13. priya at | | Reply


  14. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    This one brought back some memories..I have actually seen ‘Prem Qaidi’! He looks like Govinda’s younger brother.

  15. Filmi Girl at | | Reply

    Can we begin by removing that awful vest and then taking the hearts off the fly of those denims?

    EW!!!! That look didn’t work in the 90s, either.

  16. P at | | Reply

    MY EYES!!!!!!!

  17. P at | | Reply

    MY EYES!!!!!!!
    *shrieks in pain and faints*

  18. B at | | Reply

    Looks like a party for badly dressed people!

  19. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    I have to get it of my chest.
    The jeans,the t-shirt, vest.., bracelet, watch, necklace, shoes are SCREAMING …..Hari Om, Hari!!!
    The fringe is outdated and it never workd for anyone besides Salman Khan.
    The puppyface has to go as well. Hari Om Hari!!

  20. Sneha at | | Reply

    Y would any one put M&M’s on their crotch??? its so ghasty!

  21. Ratan at | | Reply

    This guy’s still alive?? Looks like he went to his grave somewhere in the middle of a garish 90’s movie and has come back to haunt us all with his ridiculously eye-hurting, mind-f***ing outfit. Lord help the poor fashion-less soul.

  22. Neha at | | Reply


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