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  1. Isha at | | Reply

    I agree! This is a look we have seen like a MILLION times!!!
    P.S. Rani is an awesome dancer :)

  2. emem at | | Reply

    cheers to rani for her svelte look! she is looking good..

  3. pia at | | Reply

    Rani is looking Smoking HOT..HOT !!

  4. dn at | | Reply

    Good to see Rani in shape again.. but something seems missing. They are excellent dancers, although don’t care too much for the whole look or choreography of the song.

  5. Neha at | | Reply

    whoaaa… maza aagaya…cant wait for the movie :)

  6. Aly at | | Reply

    Good dancer but come on Rani. It’s a little late for you to take this route to try and compete with the newbies. Do your own thing instead. And please get away from YRF to get away from the stale stuff.

  7. for hhc at | | Reply

    Wow – Rani looking SEXY – that was refreshing!

  8. Razmo at | | Reply

    Yes wa have already seen that but Shani(Shahid and Rani)Look better than him and Kareen
    And Manish M.is one the best designers
    Shani ? Check
    Great choreography and great performer ? Check
    Rani hottest girl in town ? Check
    Dil bole haddipa =next hit?Check

  9. charan at | | Reply

    Rani looks extremely good, especially after her last movies. This is a nice refreshing come back!
    She looks better in those costumes than Kareen actually.

  10. Enne at | | Reply

    Rani’s bod looks hot, that outfit though- BARF!
    MM’s gotta get some new inspiration, he’s been stuck in the silk and lycra harem for too long!

  11. Carol at | | Reply

    Rani is looking good but the outfits and the choreography look similar to past movies. These dance numbers are now boring.

  12. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    rani looks good. but i hate the song/dance/clothes…same old same old *yawn*

  13. sha at | | Reply

    If it isn’t a corset, it’s a bikini top of some sort. LOL!
    I agree. Rani looks fabulous.

  14. sp at | | Reply

    yaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!!! raaaaani!!
    (.. finally) catching up

  15. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Anyways, this is so…creative and …original…yeah
    I don’t know, Jab We Met was a good movie because Kareena was so charming in it, this looks more like standard Bollywood fare :/

  16. hot at | | Reply

    same old crap. they both are more talented than this so its a shame. the outfit is hideous as usual

  17. Sam at | | Reply

    Dont care if the look is similar to Mauja Hi Mauja. The energy is wayyyyyyy differrent. And Rani is looking smoking piping hot, with awesome and fluent moves. The little sardar bit was so good. How free a person is required to be in front of the camera to act like that. Awesome. So I dont care a bit for fashion here.

  18. keya at | | Reply

    forget Rani look at shahid… damn hot.. very.. hot… my laptop fan started blowing as i clicked ;)

  19. bins at | | Reply

    After watching, I am so motivated to hit the gym. Wow she looks amazing!!!!

    1. nalini at | | Reply

      me too!!!

  20. KK at | | Reply

    That bikini top at 1:15 looks so cheap!
    And those genie pants at 1:08 – straight out of Mauja Hi Mauja!!
    Sorry Rani .. I prefer Mauja Hi Mauja over this! Terrible copy!

  21. diptiN at | | Reply

    I do not really care if the look is a copy or same old, she loos GREAT and can we stop asking people to act/dress age appropriate. An outfits/look/styling either looks good or does not and she looks great /dances better than anyone other actress, and her acting skills….

  22. EM. at | | Reply

    Yuck on the lyrics. They are so horrible.

    I’m starting to wonder that the more skin the heroine shows, the hotter people think she looks. Case in point: Priyanka Chopra in Dostana, Rani Mukherji in DBH. Priyanka donned a bikini in Dostana and was touted to be the hottest girl of town. However, in regards to someone like Bipasha who oozed sex appeal in her bikini, Priyanka pales in comparison. Merely because they are scantily clad doesn’t make them hot and that holds true for Rani.

    Anyhow, minor rant aside, those tacky outfits do nothing for Rani. She looks decent – especially with the curly hair at 14seconds into the video but meh, the rest of the hair styles and outfits don’t really look good on her. The one where her pink brassiere is showing is really crass.

    On the other hand, Shahid looks like poor man’s Hrithik in the ensemble that includes a white T and a red scarf.

    Not really impressed with this movie so far.

  23. padma at | | Reply

    I think Rani looks smoking hot, bikini top et al. And doesnt look so bad with Shahid, actually she looks better with Shahid than Kareena, just personality wise. Mauja Mauja is certainly better but its nothing to do with the fashion methinks, its just a more catchy song.

    Finally, Manish, honey, can we do away with blingy sarees, lehengas, blingy anything honey, especially blingy anythings with minuscule nothings on the top, 10 odd years is too long for any kind of fashion.

  24. NJ at | | Reply

    Rani Mukherji looks like that now??? Excuse me while i go kill myself….dieting that is!

    1. emem at | | Reply

      lol.. i had the same reaction!

  25. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Shahid’s red dupatta look reminds me of Hrithik in Dhoom Machale song. some of the steps and facial gestures on Rani reminds me of Aish in Dhoom 2. I guess that’s because the choreographer is the same in both these films?

    Is this also choreographed by Vaibhavi?

    My take is: The choreography is awesome but the song is mediocre that’s why both the elements do not mesh well unlike Kajra re, Dhoom Machale, Mauja Mauja, Crazy Kiya re etc.

  26. Surbhi at | | Reply

    cant blv .. she has to resort to bikini tops and such.. dont think she has the body language to carry it off.. but lets forget her…check out shahid!!! va va voom! i hope this isnt another kismat konnection!
    and for the record this is a copy of shes the man.. and considering its rani in a YRF flick… its going to be all about her.. which is sad realy..atleast for the girls

  27. Malavika at | | Reply

    Apart from the apparel, may I just mention how similar the choreography on this and Mauja Hi Mauja is!!!!!

    If you watch both the videos on mute, you’ll be able to catch the striking similarity.

  28. Sharin at | | Reply

    It does seem like a copy of Mauja Hi Mauja… don’t actresses (especially A list ones like Rani) have a hand in the look and especially the outfit’s she’ll wear? I wouldn’t be caught dead with Shahid in another Punjabi/Bhangra/club inspired song wearing the same garb as Kareena Kapoor! Never, ever, ever! N yes, it does seem like she’s trying too hard rather than being effortless… the wet bikini top scene was the worst. She DOES look great, I’ll give her that, her body is looking fierce and I regret the Jello pudding I just had so much right now but the whole look is just too stale. Nothing fresh, nothing new, nothing we haven’t seen a million other actresses do a million other times and looking (dare I say it) a million times better. Some people just can’t DO the “hot and sexy” thing. Honestly, the movie stunk like a flop as soon as I saw the previews. Best part about this video? Rani’s beautiful smile and Shahid’s dimple. Oh, and about looking like his older sister/mother.. I think even I would look like his older sister because he looks like he’s 16, although the muscles help.

  29. Purvi at | | Reply

    Rani looks very svelte! Very hot indeed!! And what a great dancer too, her moves are so very crisp. Totally whoops Kareena’s ass, even the size zero one.

  30. Nepali at | | Reply

    Wow, Rani is dancing much better, and yeah the outfits are similar, everything seems similar, or I just can’t be bothered. I am still waiting for someone who can dance like Vaijantimala, Rina Roy, Minakshi and Madhuri. There were at least one person in each era, but it seems to be missing nowadays in Hindi films. Shahid’s and Hrithik’s dances are entertaining, rest are just snooze.

  31. S at | | Reply

    I know it’s all bout fashion here but who gives a hoot when those two start dancing – amazing chemistry!!! Of course chemistry apart everything else is tacky :D …..and I think I am weird but I liked that hoodie over the bikini top thingy. No I won’t wear it but I still like it.

  32. nalini at | | Reply

    i love everything about this! i love the hair, makeup, style, song, dancing. rani looks amazing! i hope she keeps this look! gorgeous!

  33. Mita at | | Reply

    Rani is superhot in this song. She looks way better than Kareena or any other ‘newbes’. I strongly disagree with whoever is saying age has caught up with her. Not at all, not at all. She is only 31 people. Such a shame that hindi movies always celebrate the ‘girl’, where as in this song Rani looks like a very sexy, attractive woman which she is.
    Weight loss suits Rani better than Kareena. It would be a shame if other producers don’t take advantage of the always very talented and now very sexy Rani’s come back and cast her in their movies.
    I don’t care for YR movies, she needs to explore other options.
    BTW, the styling is a big ol’ YAWN , however Rani makes it work.

  34. truecolors07 at | | Reply

    i dont think age has “caught up” we are all overly critical of the females ages and the men? well we give so much lee way. the partiarchal attitude in indian society wont change unless we promote the heroines to act after thirty. she looks fine. it may be stress that ages. otherwise its not really bad at all. if we didnt know its “Rani” we will be like oh who is that. too much obession over how old he is and she all the time..just chill and enjoy…her dance moves are so awesome. finally a real star on screen again.

  35. Baby at | | Reply

    Rani looks great. I loved her makeup. As for Mauja, I loved the parts where Kareena was absent- she slows Shahid down.

  36. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    They both are awesome dancers..but agree the moves are done to death before. They look HOT though..I think Rani looks classy despite of the VERY tacky styling. But the song is kinda boring, and also I prefer Shahid-Kareena pair more than Shahid-Rani/Priyanka/Amrita or Saif/Akshay-Kareena.

  37. SS at | | Reply

    The clothes may not be fantastic, but who can deny that Rani looks absolutely sensational! And the lady can dance! And what’s with all these age-appropriate/late-in-the-day comments? When thirty-somethings Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie do something similar, we South Asians invariably drool, but just because it’s a thirty-something Indian actress who’s known for being more girl-next-door, she’s being put down.
    As for her styling, it suits the energy of the song and makes her look fabulous. All clothes need not be pathbreakingly innovative or even chic, especially in the context of a high energy dance number. It didn’t remind me of “Mauja hi Mauja” at all, since that had a more cutesy vibe and this is (successfully) going for a sexier feel.

    1. Anita at | | Reply

      I really feel the ultra-sultry look or rather attempting to morph every actress into the siren, actually ages these girls – its giving them a dated look. Kate Winslet and Angelina are usually not dressed to the nines through the movie, with heavy eye makeup et al, they look like themselves – their personality shines through.. Its really sad that instead of using each actress for her unique persona and style, our movie makers want to turn them all into some factory-produced ornaments,

      1. SS at | | Reply

        It’s not the specifics of the clothes and makeup that I’m talking about, but rather the idea that Indian actresses, especially the serious ones who’ve been around for a while, are criticized for showing skin and amping up the “sexy” factor while Hollywood actresses are lauded for putting on the smoky eyeliner and taking off their clothes for photoshoots or playing the be-latexed vixen in films like Wanted. :) The actual aesthetic of the look of course should be up for anyone to criticize, but not not based on how long the actress has been around or her age, as some of the responses have been, or will inevitably will be. :)

        1. Anita at | | Reply

          Yeah i agree

  38. SS at | | Reply

    And what’s with asking actresses to “act their age” and dissing them for exposing when thirty and forty-something actors like John Abraham and Akshay Kumar are given acres of fawning press coverage for dropping their trousers and flaunting their well-oiled and shaved bare chests? Grow up and ditch the double standards, people. Women should dress the way they want to as long as they look and feel fabulous in their clothes and skin.

    1. bins at | | Reply

      I am so in agreement. Nobody says anything when all the actors (SRK, Aamir, Salman, Akshay) are paired with actresses 20 years younger. And it’s sad because I really think the actresses over 30 (rani or preity, etc) still look fabulous and have loads of talent. Still, I guess the aam janta (mango people ;) ) will never accept that. In Hollywood actresses come into their own after 30 not at 19. This ageism will always set bollywood back.

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        As much as I dislike Rani (a lot) I have to agree :/ There is a horrible sexism in Bollywood- think of hte Bikini thing…goodness

      2. Anita at | | Reply

        haha “mango people” – i am glad Saif only says it twice in the movie – the first time was funny, 2nd time not so – would have been really annoyed if he had said it anymore..;-)

  39. Niya at | | Reply

    Maybe slightly true, but don’t bash Manish Malhotra please ! He is amazing! Besides, there are few Indian designers these days that have seen their clothes on several Hollywood-stars. Manish pulled it off.

  40. jaja at | | Reply

    and this movie was sold to me!
    what is the title?

  41. Fatima at | | Reply

    the song does nothing for me, and i am looking at it independent of mauja hi mauja….so no comparisons going on, but rani looks good, and vey cute as a sardar!

  42. miray at | | Reply

    Rani’s golden top is the same of Amrita Rao’s in Kal Nau baje in Shortkut.. yeah yeah Manish is repeating the styles of the heroines

  43. diksha sharma at | | Reply

    rani’s my best………i don’t care about anything sae is looking hot………..and i love shahid……………….

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