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  1. Me!!! at | | Reply

    Katrina Kaif…hands down :)

  2. Missy at | | Reply


    Check your latest mtv post. Names mixed up.

  3. hasina at | | Reply

    Gul Panag looks the best, karisma looks like she is wearing maternity wear

  4. ena at | | Reply

    Katrina looks pretty. Karishma’s dress looks like an angry fluttering flag. Gul’s dress looks like it belongs toa God-fearing grandmother.

  5. mizmoonlight at | | Reply

    What is Karisma wearing??????? Of all the florals in the world… and Gul is so not even in the running… Katrina does look really nice, even though she could have done with a little more colour on her face, but that might also be because I’m so used to seeing make-up and tonnes of effort in dressing everywhere… I find how she’s looking really refreshing… Maybe she didnt mak too much of an effort because it was Malaika’s sister’s wedding, and sh and Malaika rumouredly hate each other… LOL… shades of Salman, anyone?

  6. mizmoonlight at | | Reply

    @ ena – hahahahahahahahaha… I couldnt have described Gul’s dress better!

  7. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    katrina definitely!! she looks beautiful! karishma’s dress is awkward!

  8. jebbe at | | Reply

    Katrina kaif! Karishma kapoor looks like she is wearing a sack designed from 80’s curtains.

  9. tina at | | Reply

    Karisma has a black version of these shoes too? She must really like them.

    Katrina looks the best. Very fresh and sweet.

  10. Neha Kapoor at | | Reply

    was “prints” the theme?
    Anyway, Kat looks the best.

  11. kismet at | | Reply

    katrina looks so angelic, like hers best.
    Gul, not exactly what youd expect one to wear to a wedding?
    Karisma, how could SHE get it so wrong???

  12. fashionaddict at | | Reply

    katrina … any day !! m lovin de colour combos of her dress dan de runway version

  13. Lee at | | Reply

    Katrina Kaif by far!
    It’s the fitting, body shape and her complexion. Gorgeous.

  14. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    hahaha agree completely with ena. i also think karisma’s dress makes her look like a bug, just ready to spread her wings, with the black showing underneath. definitely not a pretty sight. for once i can see that here karisma looks like she’s trying too hard to be chic and it’s failed her.

  15. apsara77 at | | Reply

    haha..have to agree with ena’s comment above..and yeah, katrina definately looks the best of the three..really like her dress..and am glad she’s wearing the appropriate innerwear with the dress unlike suzanne in the post below!

  16. Bloo at | | Reply

    In pictures I saw elsewhere, I really liked the print of Karisma’s dress. I thought they were different…now that I see a full length picture, i think the print might have worked well on a short top over denims or something. I do not think the dress suits the occasion. Gul’s dress is nothing to write home about. So my vote goes to Katrina.

  17. Bloo at | | Reply

    Oh ! Do i see the YSL Tribute sandals on Karishma again? I think the Kapoor sisters have got them in all colours ! I had not seen the black ones on them before…

  18. sunnit at | | Reply

    Katrina wins hands down. As ena mentioned, Karisma’s looks like a maternity dress and is swallowing her up.

  19. bubs at | | Reply

    Katrina looks pretty, Karismas dress is matronly – shoes are good though. Gul looks well put together.

  20. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    katrina …hands down. BTW is it just me or is anyone else also tired of seeing kappor sisters in YSLs all the time???

  21. Soha at | | Reply

    Katrina all the way….

  22. Sunny at | | Reply

    DEF Katrina! Karisma’s is fine from the chest up but then gets seriously weird. Gul’s looks like an old curtain.

  23. mia at | | Reply

    katrina wins this one. isn’t it strange how gul manages to look like a 70s amitabh bachchan no matter what she wears. i think it’s bcos of the hair.

  24. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Do you know what clutch Karishma is carrying?

  25. KT at | | Reply

    katrina for sure… looks so graceful ..

  26. AddictionPersonified at | | Reply

    its funny… amrita arora invited Karisma kapoor and nandita mahtani both…wonder what best friend kareena kapoor has to say about this….

  27. neha at | | Reply

    katrina… looks fresh and pretty

  28. Aastha Jain at | | Reply

    While Katina cud have done her hair better, Gul’s fashion sense was “gul” as usual .. cnt sop myself remembering her in those tacky tees..eewwww..
    Ms. Kapoor wins the round for me !

  29. LuvAlways at | | Reply

    Why is everyone attending this wedding in Western wear like gowns and casuals? Am I getting too old – we used to get decked up for wedding!! Or was there some theme going on!!

  30. LuvAlways at | | Reply

    Sorry about the last comment – I read your comment about Day wedding in the church. Thanks.

  31. amna at | | Reply

    karishma is wearing etro.. i love it!

  32. lallu at | | Reply

    for the wedding and even otherwise,

  33. Sam at | | Reply

    Lolo always looks stunning to me, but I still don’t like the dress.

    Katrina takes the cake for this one. She looks so fresh and radiant!

  34. anu141 at | | Reply

    KATRINA… all the way. She looks fresh & summery & occasion appropriate.
    Karishma’s floral print is a bit too ‘scary calico’; besides she is getting a little boring with the safe ol’ color black. I mean, its the summer & its a WEDDING!!
    I argee with Ena- Gul’s dress belongs on a grandmother, but then I guess it was a choice between the dress or a baby tee maybe!! :-P (jk)

  35. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

    The MTV post seems fine to us. Which names are mixed up?

  36. SeXY Devil at | | Reply

    Payal,..if the MTV “Doing Floral section”, you have mentioned Kareena’s name instead of Karishma.

  37. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

    SeXY Devil,
    DANG! Why do siblings have similar names!! Thanks a bunch!

  38. dn at | | Reply

    Katrina all the way!! What went wrong with Karisma? She is normally so fashionable.

  39. Megha at | | Reply

    Katrina by a mile
    i LOVE her look here

    Gul’s dress is ho-hum and karishma’s is terrible…so unflattering

  40. blueice at | | Reply

    Katrinaaaaa! Love her dress! Btw doesn’t posh has the exact same sunglasses like karisma?

  41. ranj at | | Reply

    katrina katrina katrina…..

  42. April at | | Reply

    Katrina Ofcourse.

    Gul did better compared to her previous fashion disasters.But Karisma,girl,you are the hottest mom on the circuit,you can’t go wrong like this- not when Kareena is looking so fresh as a bridesmaid.OK,is that why you decided to choose this dud,so bebo can shine?Sister love,huh.

    P&P,Do these celebs actually have dress codes for weddings and all?Nobody seems out of sync here.I loved most of the dresses – simple and refreshing.Do let us know if someone pops out in a Kanjeevaram sari though :)))

  43. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    actually nandita mahtani, also in florals, but not in reckoning here, looks the best

  44. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

    Nandita was wearing a polka dot(ish) dress. That’s why, excluded her from this…

  45. Enigma at | | Reply

    Def Katrina.
    very simple and sweet look.

    I still don’t get it- why are the ladies wearing floral/summer prints to a church wedding? If i didn’t know the caption, i would never guess in a mil yrs that theses ladies were attending a wedding!

  46. fashionista at | | Reply

    kat for sure, but lolo comes very close

  47. charan at | | Reply

    I actually like lols’s better… others are too boring

  48. sups at | | Reply

    So, i def think Katrina looks the best. Don’t care for Karishma’s Etro dress at all..
    also on a side note…Katrina’s hem-line (even though its a Gauri and Nainika) is strikingly similar to one of DvF’s older collection dresses.. i believe it was last summer actually, so i’m not sure if that would classify as plagarism..or inspiration as they changed the neckline..

  49. Jig at | | Reply

    In this group……..Katrina by far.

    Is it me or no one seems to get dressed UP for a wedding anymore. Florals??? I even saw couple of guys’ pic in jeans. Cmon wedding and a funeral are two things everyone must put forth the effort,

  50. monika s at | | Reply

    katrina all the way….she looks so pretty..just love her dress

  51. Humaira at | | Reply

    Katrina only because she has carried it really well and I love the dress! It is the perfect dress for an afternoon wedding in church. I am very surprised to find her more beautiful without makeup.

    Of the 3 I prefer Katrina’s style, even though I didn’t like her new bangs, it just doesn’t suit her.

  52. NJ at | | Reply

    Katrina wins hands down! The other are just two ugghh!!!

  53. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Karishma ! Its cute & fun

  54. zara at | | Reply

    Gul’s dress looks like something I would have worn as a child (90s kid!). I hate that she paired gaudy Indian jewelry with an even gaudier dress, and her hair makes her look ridiculous. While Karishma’s dress is chic, I’m not a fan of overly designed, pretentious-looking clothing. That’s why I LOVE Katrina’s entire ensemble. I adore anything that’s 40s/50s inspired, and Katrina’s dress has it all: a subtle floral, a perfect fit, and a little bit of visual interest with the asymmetrical strap. I love the simple hair as well. My only (minor) complaint is a complete lack of jewelry/make up. A pair of solitaires and some color and this look would not have a single flaw.

  55. me at | | Reply

    okies all the girls in the industry look tired and bored to death, none of the dresses are nice, so what if they are in style they look like Kmart or Wallmart dresses to me, and what is wrong with Karisma’s legs, they are brozed

  56. monika at | | Reply

    Katrina’s dress is definitely the best here

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