While promoting Krrish 3 in Dubai, Kangana was spotted in the same Pre-Fall 2013 Gucci dress that was seen on Sonam a few months ago and in print on Sridevi.

Not only was their hair do quite similar, they both paired their dresses with Gucci footwear with Sonam picking pumps and Kangana, t-strap ones.

We don’t have the best pics, but do you think one wore hers better? Sonam going the off-shoulder and necklace route or Kangana wearing hers as is.


Left: Kangana Ranaut at Krrish 3 Promotions in Dubai
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Stardust Issue Unveiling

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Twitter


  1. Did sridevi also wear the same dress in a diff color in her magazine shoot (the cougar themed one? Lol)
    I think kangana looks mo effortless in her styling. Sonam (not so much here) always too over styled

  2. wow, is this the first time the two fashionistas are in a face-off? Kangna wins this hands-down, easy, effortless and far less in-your-face.

  3. As a rule, off-shoulder dresses tend to look far better on those with wider shoulders and since Sonam has a wider pair, the dress rests better on her frame. Also, the retro Marcel waves/make-up help elevate the look from lacklustre to glam. While I’m normally a Kangana loyalist, here she looks a tad dull in the grey dress and minimalist make-up (or maybe it’s the lighting).

  4. Sonam keeps trying to whiten herself with makeup. Its horrendous.

    Kangana looks great, though personally I would have liked her to try the dark lipstick as well (but can understand why she didn’t !)

  5. Definitely, it looks better on Sonam. On kangana, it looked very ordinary. Here, Sonam looks classy and elegant I feel…..could be because of the styling, makeup and the right accessory.


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