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For an event in Delhi, Soha picked an anarkali that was just all kinds of bad. The velvet bust was bad enough, but adding to its woes were those puffed sleeves.

Maybe Soha took her hostess duties from the show seriously and wanted to show us in person, “What Not To Wear”!


Soha Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. “”Maybe Soha took her hostess duties from the show seriously and wanted to show us in person, β€œWhat Not To Wear”!””

    – This is probably the first time where one of you sounds bitchy but comes across more as lame.

  2. i think she looks fine if the same dress was worn by sonam kapoor you would be writing wow how stunning she is looking . The only thing i would get rid of is the bindi.

  3. I think she looks really nice and sweet, she manages to pull off the velvet look quite well infact!
    P&P – please bring back the old web design in black, the current format and view is an eye sore as most of us have vented the last few weeks πŸ™

    • It’s barely been a week since we went live with the new design, just give it some time to grow on you. The white is here to stay! πŸ™‚

      • Thank God you at least acknowledged that the white is here to stay. Now we can all stop hankering for the black. I just needed a definitive yes/no answer otherwise I am like a needy child. Thank you. It’s your blog so you get to choose.

  4. C’mon, its not as bad as some of the things worn by others here, even Ash or some Abu Sandeep creations. Its actually quite a spare looking Anarkali , with blocks of colour. Velvet is surely not “out” when it comes to desi wear?

    • Couldn’t agree more. I, for one, can’t see why folks are out to bash Soha over her choice of this particular outfit. We’ve seen worse…way, way worse. While I’m no velvet fan and not big on puffy sleeves either, the lady looks pretty darn ok to me. I’l take this anarkali over all of the full-on so-called designer monstrosities that are thrown at us and that too by A-listers no less. At least it’s devoid of embellishments on every square inch of the fabric.


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