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  1. Falak at | | Reply

    Hideous monstrosity !!

  2. tosh at | | Reply

    this is fashion week?? u could find better stuff at a flea market. n those cheap wigs/extensions. soo tacky.

    1. Paroma at | | Reply


  3. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I swear even before I saw the name of the designer I was sure that one of them must be by Neeta Lulla. Genelia’s outfit looks like a cheap gown one would see in a Bollywood movie. But Bipasha’s outfit is even worse and those hair extensions!!

  4. Rash at | | Reply

    I cringed when I saw the zipper on genelia. It a shame that nothing was even close to a fashion standard. Horrible show stopping dresses!

  5. Manasa at | | Reply

    Neeta Lulla is so overrated !! Hideous that outfit looks on Genelia !

  6. veena at | | Reply

    Both celebs look terrible

  7. sonam at | | Reply

    Neeta should stop designing or styling..
    She has a very bad taste

  8. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    What can I say? Christmas is coming. And so, apparently, is the tendency to dress like a tree.

  9. Nick at | | Reply

    Lol Genelia looks like a hideous blast from the past… a long foregone past!

  10. KK at | | Reply

    TACKY to the MAX!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nisha B at | | Reply

    I can still tolerate what Bipasha is wearing..even Genelia’s smile is unable to save that super hideous lehenga. Who will buy those ugly outfits??I think I can find better and beautiful ones from a normal store..

  12. javajive at | | Reply

    OMG! words escape me .. how are these people classified as ‘designers’??? the mind boggles.

  13. Mel at | | Reply

    My eyes, they BURN.

    1. Myvoiceandyours at | | Reply

      Haha..love this comment!

  14. Shina at | | Reply

    Looks like the theme for this fashion show was – what not to wear. Quite innovative i must say ;-).

  15. bindu at | | Reply

    i bet if they had dressed so on their own, n not as part of fashion week…they would have qualified for the WTHeyy!

  16. Ana at | | Reply


  17. B at | | Reply

    I didn’t know Neeta Lulla was spelled “T-A-C-K-Y”

  18. neha at | | Reply

    neeta lulla is beyond tacky.i don’t know how these actresses tolerate her designs.

  19. RS at | | Reply

    “Showstopper” in software lingo refers to a problem so disastrous that you just cannot recover from it. An apt definition for these two hideous outfits.

  20. bob at | | Reply

    oh bipasha, what have you done.wearing a table cloth…those heinous bangs. gross. girl , go to the hair stylist for some fake, long hair. u went from stunning to so very stupid.fail

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