1. All of these sari’s look so elegant……I’ve bought a similar sari but thought I would mix it up with a bright coloured blouse, but after seeing these ladies I think i’ll stick with one colour for blouse and sari.

  2. Love them. I love the way Deepika has draped it, covered bosom! I have missed the traditional saree draping so much, good to see Deepika get it right.
    All of them look good though.

  3. They all look fab except Kangana. Something about her dress or the way she draped it or the way she is standing makes her look like Champa the bar dancer.

  4. Yup!! draping the saree makes all the difference.
    All look elegant except Kangana . Chandini tradition maintained by Sri.
    Deepika’s saree look seems to be inspired by Tagore

  5. Though Gauri looks tired I think her’s is the most elegant, followed closely by Jaya’s. I want one of these!! Sridevi looks awesome!

  6. Maybe I am in the minority. But I really dont like Gauri’s saree and dont think that she looked that great either.
    I much prefer Jaya’s saree , but I loved sridevi’s the best!

  7. i think the older ladies look better in the white sari… the older the prettier a white sari looks? bright colors are best saved for younger women I think.. but this is just a sweeping generalization – there’s always exceptions..

  8. Gauri’s saree is elegance personified! I personally do not like mixing white with golden hues, therefore Deepika doesn’t impress much!

  9. Post this after a decade…n still Sridevi will win in this category… she has curvy body to carry Saris so well.. n top of it she is comfortable in most of the clothes….LUV u SRIDEVI

  10. kangna looks nice but her pose is all wrong …. kangna probably thought she was wearing a designer gown and not a saree ….. lol

  11. i think kangana’s saree is very pretty but she couldn’t carry it peoperly…thats why isn’t looking good…i like depika’s traditional saree as well…


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