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  1. Megha at | | Reply

    without a doubt vanessa hudgens
    its amazing how she manages to look cute and edgy at the same time
    also her makeup is gorgeous

    freida’s louder makeup, hair and the necklace take away the focus from the dress

  2. U at | | Reply

    They seriously messed up frieda in her photo shoot. She has a seriously attractive skin tone and they’ve completely washed her out. Instead of playing to her strengths (they chose the wrong makeup, dress, camera angle) they’ve put together a generic photo shoot theme that they would’ve put on anyone that came their way that month.

    Vanessa in comparison looks relaxed and far less contrived. She wins by a mile.

    And that dress is so fugly!

  3. koel at | | Reply

    definitely frieda! Her shoot is all dramatic and she looks beautifully sharp. Vanessa’s pose is too weird for me toi warm up the shoot

  4. Tehreem at | | Reply

    I like Vanessa’s shoot much better than Frieda’s. V’s pic is showing more of the dress and is understated and chic. The Vogue cover is way to messy. I have seen very beautiful and simple vogue covers such as the one Priyanka was on. Herhair did all the talking. Frieda’s dress is hardly visable and the dark lips, the pin-up girl hair, and that necklace aren’t looking good all at once, maybe seperately.

  5. hot at | | Reply

    freida! i love the cover.

  6. priyanka at | | Reply

    i dont like frieda at all….. she is a wannabe

  7. zara at | | Reply

    As much as I hate Vanessa Hudgens, I must grudgingly admit here photoshoot is MUCH better than that of Freida’s. With a dress that is so elaborate, any accessories would ruin it, and Freida’s monstrosity of a necklace definitely does that. Freida’s lovely skin is completely washed out, while Vanessa is literally glowing.

  8. Kaya at | | Reply

    There is a no comparison if you asked me;Vanessa by a mile.Her shoot is natural,real and as osmeone above has metioned the Vogue shoot is extremely predictable and generic.
    It’s so clear in this case that both Frieda and the Vogue team had solely a one dimensional brief in mind-To project Frieda as the anti-thesis of Slumdog(There is so much more one can elaborate on this point but the comment would become very long lol)

    If one goes back to Frieda pre-Slumdog she had a mind-numbingly banal and mundanee sense of fashion in all aspects.Now she’s in a place where she has to deliver in order to maintain the pedestal media has given her and also to make sure all potential oppurtunities come her way due to the attention.The reason I bring this point up is fashion is all about sensibility and personality and Vanessa’s personality is already such that she looks at home in such an editorial.She has this interest and understanding of fashion in her daily life.Frieda does not thus comes accross as ‘generic’.

    Yes Frieda has changed her fashion choices but those choices(case in point red carpets/events) are not a reflection of personal sensibility rather a sense of wanting to do it right.Thus,even now her choices are safe and textbook like as they are not her own expressions.

    Gosh that was looong!lol

  9. Kaya at | | Reply

    please excuse the spelling errors lol I had so much to say I didn’t want to go through the grammar check process lol

  10. newbie at | | Reply

    This kind of heavy make up makes Frieda look horrible(imho). Frieda looks ok with natural make up.

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Frieda is more of a girl-next-door type, me thinks. She looks great on a red carpet, but photoshoots aren’t her forte. As much as it kills me to say it, Vanessa looks much better here.
    However, when it comes to rocking a red carpet, Frieda has got her by a mile (because she actually SMILES >:l )

  12. Sharin at | | Reply

    While I think Frieda looks a million times PRETTIER, I’d have to pick Vanessa’s shoot. She looks happy, fresh, sexy and cute at the same time. Her body and the dress are made for each other!

  13. suchi at | | Reply

    totally agree with pdaervo.

  14. Ashi at | | Reply

    Scarlett Johannsen was also weraing this dress in the new French Elle and looked AWFUL.

  15. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I prefer the dress on Vanessa. Frankly, I do not see what all the “Frieda Fuss” is all about. She has average features and she doesn’t impress me, at least from what I have seen of her in interviews. People like Bips or Priyanka would be better exports to the Hollywood.

  16. brenda at | | Reply

    don’t like either look or girls.
    vanessa is soooo overrated!!!

  17. Genie at | | Reply

    No way its Frieda…she looks horrible with loud makeup..she shud always stick to natural..so tht her skin glows…anyway she was one film success girl!! whrz she btw these days ;) ;)

  18. misty at | | Reply

    deffently vanessa hudgens she is a great person and she have the perfect body for it

  19. Pri at | | Reply

    @ Lalitha

    I disagree with you

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