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In Amrapali


Amrapali continues to bling Hollywood with Troian Avery Bellisaro and Amber Heard being the latest to sport its jewellery at the 9th InStyle Summer Soiree. Troian wore a Rose Cut Diamond Necklace that retails for a whopping $22,690! In comparison, Amber Heard who was also at the same event went for Victorian Diamond Earrings that were relatively cheaper at $1840. :)

At another event (see inside), Sofia Vargera sported a Yellow Gold and Diamond Cuff that was $4,350 but if you are disheartened that all Amrapali is expensive, bringing in some respite was Vanessa Hudgens sporting Gold Vermeil and Turquoise Earrings that retail for $260.

Troian Avery Bellisario at 9th InStyle Summer Soiree

Amber Heard at 9th InStyle Summer Soiree

Photoshoot Wars!


Its not the first time we have seen a certain outfit make its way to multiple photoshoots. Earlier we had seen Freida’s Marc Jacobs outfit make its way on Sonam Kapoor (see here ) and now High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing the same Louis Vuitton dress seen first on Freida on the Vogue cover.

Question is, which shoot do you like better?


Left: Frieda Pinto on Vogue India
Right: Vanessa Hudgens on Instyle

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