Photoshoot Wars!


For a fashionista, we are surprised that she doesn’t keep close tabs on what others have worn/been photographed in already! (see here) Unless, its about proving who wears it better??!! Ahem. Ahem. ;)

You be the judge! But, in case if you want to get your hands on it, its available for a mere $1500! (That is, if you have the change to spare!) :)


Top Left: Sonam Kapoor in Harpers Bazaar
Top Right: Marc Jacobs Metallic Pleated Dress ( Buy)
Below: Frieda Pinto in Vogue India (see here)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. well well well, so it comes to this
    Frieda vs. Sonam
    …aaaaaaaaand Sonam wins by a landslide
    Frieda has never been much of a covergirl (it’s the red carpets she thrives on) and Vouge India did her no justice
    Sonam is Sonam
    so there :)

  2. Sonam doesn’t need to care at all since her frame seems to suit all types of clothing. Aside from that jumpsuit, I think that all her choices have been par excellence. Does she have a stylist on the rolls??

  3. obviosly she has better things to do then see who is wearing what, but i totally think sonam looks edgier… even though i love friedas picture.

  4. ugh..the dress is so ugly, it looks like a shiny bin bag .. rubbish nonetheless…

    and I hate Frieda’s expression/photo…she looks like a something I cant mention on here..

  5. bad bad bad!!! both of them!!! i never liked freida and as for sonam is that who ur refering to as the fashionista!! u guys are gettin it all wrong, please stop defending her!! she is soo annoying no offence n ppl defendin her is even more annoying!!

  6. Sonam and Freida are both quite the fresh air to Bollywood.

    This dress rocks especially for a cover shoot. In reality it would be unwearable and not so great….I mean we would definitely be lost in all that shiny fabric.

  7. It’s always gonna be Frieda for me, she looks sexy as hell! Frieda definitely has more sex appeal, Sonam is just cute. But I like both of them, agree with Divya the wannabe fashionista..they sure are quite the fresh air that Bollywood needs.

  8. I believe the stylist of the mag decides the outfit maybe in the future she will have a say… She looks way better than the model and Pinto actually so doesnt matter

  9. Ooooh tough choice! They both wear it so well. But I think Sonam has an edge with her overall picture. It is a FIERCE dress and I really love it. I totally think I can pull it off too :P
    Yeah I’m pretty vain lol

  10. Personally I feel that Sonam has no style and if making the clothes totally lose their charm is called style then I dont know about it, she always looks like a hangar to me on which the clothes are just hanging boringly..

    • hahahahahaha Sonam doesn’t have style? You don’t know what you’re saying Mr.Siddharth. Crazy for Deepika or what? Such negativity man….:/

  11. For the dress, Sonam definitely. The colour and make-up is awesome. Freida’s picture is good, but the dress does not have any significance in the photo.

  12. sonam hands down ….

    freida is looking as she usually does … dark lipcolour, cliched ‘come-hither’ look … bah! boring…

    sonam on the other hand looks edgier and fierce … khas almost a gothic feel to it …

    the dress on its own though is just crap

  13. all I can say is, I want their skin… will take either one. :) such lovely complexion and sparkling eyes…

  14. pinto is not a cover girl material… she doesnt look that great on any of her photo shoot. Sonam has rocked this dress all the way.

  15. the dress seems made for photshoots only , but both of them look amazing over here.
    And givivng Sonam a fashionista tag so soon is too much, tho i love her, but i guess its just beciz whaever it is she is definitely one of th ebest dressed actresses.

  16. love both – Sonam’s look is more understated (if u can be understated with that dress) and Freida’s look is more fun – I dont like dark lips on Freida though for some reason…

  17. Sonam! Freida is gorgeous, but in photoshoots, she just seems to hang there and be worn by the clothes. Now, Sonam…I said it in the original post, and I’ll say it again- I love this picture! It’s haunting, almost ghostly.

  18. I like frieda and sonam both but no one is makingstatement in this dress .. tooo much make up and poor facial expression have spoilt the entire looks

  19. Both look stupid. The dress looks like a rexine garbage bag.
    Sonam is over-hyped and I’ll never like anything that’s over-hyped. And Frieda is just someone everyone is supposed to like because she parties with Karl Lagerfeld. So lame


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