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  1. adya at | | Reply

    Freida could be a wonderful muse and representative for Indo-Western designers. She has that international, casual chic vibe, so she makes the clothes seem wearable. While I love looking at Sonam’s outfits, they seem a little too “done” to be something I would want to wear – I live abroad, so thats my two cents.

    1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

      I totally second that, she wears her fashion with such ease…

  2. Fashion With Compassion at | | Reply

    “Wear for better pictures?”… :) … You mean wait?

  3. mehr at | | Reply

    i love it!

  4. Anon at | | Reply

    Ummm no her shoes don’t bother me as much as the outfit does.
    Just c’z its weird doesn’t make it high-fashion. That “half” top just looks silly – I’m sorry.

  5. kasthrui at | | Reply

    There is a thin line between fashionable and stupid. And that line is where the fabric got cut in Freida’s right side of the top.

    1. shivani at | | Reply

      i agree with you on that..

    2. Sree at | | Reply

      it’s like just before she left home she had a huge stain on her top and so she decided to cut off that part and head out anyways. Girlfriend is cool if that’s what happened.
      But if she had knowingly paid money for an outfit that was already in bits, then she’s trying too hard

  6. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    That’s by far one of the most ridiculous looking outfits I have seen, cropped on one end and long in the other. Come on, I am all for creativity and fashion except when it borders on stupidity and this is one of those instances. The shoes are least of her problems!!!

  7. $ at | | Reply

    If she walk out in indian town streets like this…m sure the aunties would say..oh poor girl ! her kurta got teared ..may be due to rush in bus/train :P

    p.s. the material of her trouser is different from the one worn by the model…i prefer the one worn by the model.

  8. wtf? at | | Reply

    I am not sure I understand this outfit. Why is a section of it missing? Did the tailor over cut a panel or forget to cut a panel?

  9. Lola at | | Reply

    I second your opinion.

  10. pegasusbaby at | | Reply

    Freida looks beautiful here!

    Freida was also just recently in Windsor, England attending the 15th Annual Tie and Tiara Event. She was wearing a BEAUtiful blude dress that required immediate ID-ing!!!

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