1. Shocking….i am still reeling…Simi in jeans…what a fall my country man…now we know the economy is in recession for sure….:)

  2. Hasn’t she undertaken a pledge to wear only black and white forever? She’s in good shape for her age. The hair is awful and so are the shoes.

  3. eeewgh ‘mom’ jeans alert!!!!

    ok she looks great for her age – but I wish if ladies of a certain age were going to wear western attire they ould go for clean classic lines and not try to ape what someone a good 20 (or is it 30 ) years younger would wear.

    Like the white top – and she could have worn some dark wide legged tailored jeans – those frayed hems are ridiculous.

  4. is that a gucci bag or am i just imagining the faint diamond monogram pattern? from its style though, it looks like something she got at coach.

  5. I like that she’s experimenting, i don’t like what she’s wearing, but i’m not going to complain…Give her some time, guys, She’s not mastered this look yet..!

  6. Simi’s stuck in the nineties style-wise. Which would be more fashion-forward than most people of her age, except that the nineties were not a great decade for fashion.
    Those jeans are fringed. I had those same jeans like 8 years ago. I wore them maybe once before better sense prevailed.

  7. Does anyone know why she’d vowed to only wear white and black? This look is not working for her but that may be due to lack of practice with colors!


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