1. …eh DRAB
    really, you like that?!
    and those sunglesses don’t suit her face AT ALL
    it seems like she picked out a certain material, and had her enitre outfit made out of it :/

  2. I would never wear such bright tones personally. But Rani wearing this for a friends Eid party … I kinda don’t mind it. She looks quite alright.
    I can’t believe I am saying this but her bling is not bothering me either, i have absolutely no idea why?? but for some starnge reason it ain’t!!

  3. at least in preity case it was looking good on her
    but in this case the colour in too bright !! and that sunglasses are so tacky!!

  4. i love the fact that she is so slim and the outfit is awesome except for the sunglasses. the glasses are very awkward keeping that aside she looks fab

  5. Has she lost a lot of weight? Usually her face looks very chubby and round. Anyways, the dress is too loud even for a function. The earrings don’t match either.

  6. I’m not liking it I’m afraid, yes the colour is vibrant and on someone of her complexion that kinda orange does look good – however Rani just can’t do the no makeup look very well, whenever she wears less makeup she always looks rather plain – its only when this gal has a trowel load of makeup especially concealer that she does herself any justice – I know that sounds bad but some women need to work with what they have.

  7. what was she thinking wearing such a bright colour? the people around her probably needed sunglasses. she looks loud and tacky. maybe she did this on purpose to get noticed.

  8. I actually like this dress better than that white mess she wore the other day. The color is fun and she is looking quite nice (except for the glasses)

  9. i think she looks soo simple and sweet and innocent, love that she’s done a good job of losing the excess weight.

    Agree with SARAH, its not bothering me that her outfit isn’t great and too orange. Its actually quite refreshing to see someone normal and not all LABELLED UP!!

  10. @ nik

    No she hasn’t had a nose job, her nose has always been slim and nice, its the glasses pushing and pinching her nose that makes it look odd in the first pic. :)

  11. That is one flashy outfit. BTW, Rani is a plain looking girl without her makeup although she does have a nice smile. She looks like she is in better shape now.

  12. Rani looks great, in my opinion.

    I don’t mind the outfit either — not every outfit has to be a brand or a international label, guys. In this day and age with hi-fi fashion gowns and jewelry, we tend to forget beautiful clothes and jewelry can still be bought at reasonable prices from a street boutique….and celebs are normal people in the end of the day. I actually find it refreshing that Rani does not resort to labeled/branded gowns and sillhouttes…. yes, her choice of saris and suits needs help, but she looks fine overhere.

  13. My first thought was..wow nice and bright..and I do like orange..but I guess it’s too orangey. Even the glasses are orangey. But I am glad to see her… am always glad to see Rani.

  14. I think the colour is nice but the use of gold bling on the dress is just tacky and its a big splash of..bright orange..!

    Maybe better shades next time. She doesn’t look bad without makeup and definitely thin

  15. the color is not orange its orangi and browni and doesn’t go with her skin which has yellow ton in it, sunglasses why o why, she is attending a party so she has eye makeup on ,you wear glasses when you dont have makeup on and don’t want the world to know you don’t have lashes, can someone solve the sunglass in a party dilemma

  16. This is the kind of thing that awkward, fashion-unconscious girls wear to family functions in the US.

    Dig the shades, though…

  17. To address the sunglasses issue – I’ve seen photos of this event and it was held in the afternoon, practically ALL the celebs that were invited arrived or left with their sunglasses on, also everyone seemed to be dressed down or simple, so I think she suits the occasion.

  18. She looks pretty alright..and her skin looks radiant without the make up..Why has she have to look a DIVA every moment of her life, however she looks much better than Aish in that Ghastly blue gown at drona premiere..
    though, the color is a bit dazzling, it’s not out of place for an Eid Party..


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