1. God No! Is this the only dress she has? I saw her do a tv interview in the same dress…! She had this horrible fit across her chest…It was cringe worthy.

  2. Ever maybe wondered, her shoes might be because of some sort of problem she has? Maybe she can’t help them. In which case it’s mean to keep focusing on them!

  3. I think it would have looked a tad bit better without the pink fabric in the center….

    But with her, i need to comment using a whole different level of expectation/standard in mind….dont know how to say it…

  4. I saw an interview of hers on this show called ‘walk the talk’. She was wearing the same dress.
    Its amazing what this picture hides…

  5. She looks good, is it the smile, or a different hair do or did she lose some pounds….whatever it is, loving her here…ignoring the footwear for good

  6. how many different colors does she have this black dress in? was wearing the same thing on a ‘walk the talk’ with shekhar gupta on ndtv. i’m sure i’ve seen it before too. maybe even on hhc.

  7. Obviously she did not want Vidya to pip the heaving bosoms stakes. Not bad actually. Malini Ramani does good for Ekta. I dont care about the shoes, because if your feet are not comfortable, showing cleavage and smiling is moot. She is doing both here. So comfy shoes rock on!

  8. Nope. Only a Beth Ditto can pull this off.

    Off topic, PnP you are doing a stellar job. It still feels fresh after so many months of posts. Now if only comments loaded faster:-)

    PS: I had a boring moniker earlier – AM. I like my new one better!

  9. You know what i think? I can bet none can wear the same shoes in each and every event. Considering the background she is coming from, I am darn sure now that she has some problem with her legs and that is what keep her with the shoes all the time otherwise she must have been sporting Steve M, Stella M, Choos,and CLs.

    I really hope this is not the case though. But if this is the case then hats off to Ekta who keeps her heads high and has never mentioned a thing about her problem. Why should she anyways!!

    And the Dress – no comments. I would love to see her more in formal clothing. She needs to like a bossy business woman and not this. <3


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