Brooch Breach


If all it took was a Chanel brooch to class-up an outfit, wouldn’t it be a pretty, pretty world?

Nothing about Divya’s look worked, not the make-up, not the ruched lurex dress, not the cube earrings, not the jeweled sandals, not those beads and definitely not the clutch.

What of the brooch that we speak of you ask? Well, we don’t blame you if you can’t spot it! :p

Divya Khosla Kumar At Radio Mirchi Music Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. why why why oh why!! with all this money, can you not hire a stylist!??! i mean she looks like she’s into fashion-buying all these brand name things, so why not get a stylist!??! ugghhhh!

    • I agree I was like brooch? brooch? WHERE IS IT and then I laughed when I saw it :$. Oh Divya…I must say your makeup looks ok but other than that I hate everything about this outfit.

  2. holy crap! thats too small a brooch to make this enormous disaster work..and i doubt if anyone spotted it! gets lost in the shine!

  3. I think the two things that scream “Cheap” are the sandals and the lipstick. I like the beads, outside and away from the rest.

  4. lol…i spotted the brooch too..i kinda wait to see this lady…she gives the best wtheyys…sorry for being mean…but she badly needs a stylist…

  5. In the two years that I’ve been following HHC, I havent seen a single decent appearance from this lady.
    Serial offender, a regular in the WTHeyy section!


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