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  1. sherry at | | Reply

    not the best design by abu jani-sandeep, at least not worth repeating. what color is ash’s dress by the way? looks like it could be yellow or even a lime green.

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    it’s lime green sherry.I liked the design of the shawl though. it’s unique.

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Aww. Shweta’s kids are so cute! Oops I forgot this blog is all about bitchiness personified. It goes beyond what looks good or bad but into nastiness. Sorry but gals, most of you are just plain mean.

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    i second that! It’s one thing to critque someone, but to go above and beyond in nasty remarks… sorry but everyone has their own interests (likes/dislikes), it kind of makes life more intersting; don’t you think?

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I do like the look of the dress better in green than red. That said, I don’t know that it’s such a cardinal sin to buy the same style of dress as your SIL (or any other family member) – the dress looks nice (cut/style etc.) and it somehow makes Aish seem more “normal” – that she is on decent enough terms with her SIL to not care that they have the same dress in diff colors.


  6. sherry at | | Reply

    thanx rashmi. you are right about the shawl. thats the highlight on that salwar. plus ash spiced it up with the bling.

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Ash looks beautiful! The dress suits her. Shweta looks good too. I guess we can forgive this one since both looks decent and at least they r in different colors and not wearing the SAME outfit like natasha-laila and shilpa-shamita!

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Thank God no more Nita Lulla on Ash, Abu and Sandeep are great designers, this is not their best work, but its about the finish, and quality of the fabric,and that no picture can give you.

  9. Nepali at | | Reply

    Everybody knows higher the status, higher is the expectation. There is always the respect for their achievements career wise. Nothing personal.

  10. Anonymous at | | Reply

    People dress as they want to – some people have great style sense and will exploit that. But some people show who they are by the comments they write. No class whatsoever in being mean. Maybe it is cool to do in high school after that it is plain nastiness.

  11. Anonymous at | | Reply

    “Status” is a sick word. We are not in colonial times anymore. Celebrities are people like us, they will be seen and noticed but have expectations from them – give them a break! Let’s just watch, yay or nay and move on. I think the bloggers clearly have their fingertips on what’s on. Let’s appreciate their work and not turn this into complete mockery and cheap catty show. Also like one of the posters there is class in niceness and meanies just are showing their insecurity.

  12. Nepali at | | Reply

    OMG!!!!! Still not over it? Now it’s becoming like a highschool. The status there used was clearly about celebs who have achieved more career wise on their own. Anyway I will just ignore it here on.

  13. Pri at | | Reply

    Um how the hell are they supposed to keep track of what the other wears and to make sure they never wear the same things? Get over yourselves PnP!

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