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  1. Ali at | | Reply

    Why are the shows even visible under a maxi?

    1. Ali at | | Reply


  2. mary at | | Reply

    She definitely needs to go back to her old stylist and stop doing whatever the hell she is doing to deprive us of her radiant smile.

  3. xyz at | | Reply

    never thought i could say this for the pretty diya mirza, but in this she could be a part of horror movie. A glamorous creepy priest variety.

  4. Alex Jeweler at | | Reply

    The dress is really cool and is perfect for royal level evenings.

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in the last pic. The gown should have been a little longer covering the shoes. I don’t mind the matching lip color & clutch since the gown has more of beige.

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