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  1. neha at | | Reply

    bad dress either way …. and asin’s has an awkward length

  2. spur at | | Reply

    I think dia looks better coz its a beautiful color GOWN!
    Asin’s dress hem should have been a tad bit shorter.
    Also, i think asin looks remarkably radiant in this color..

  3. Rupal at | | Reply

    Dia sure looks elegant… same old hairstyle for asin… whats with her hairline..?

  4. preeths at | | Reply

    yep! looks much better on dia

    the length is perfect, the color is better (smokey gray? looks like blue to me), and of course therez the personality part. need to see dia’s shoes though

  5. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Umm…smokey grey or navy blue? just looks really blue to me! But that apart…Diya def oozes oomph!

  6. akaa at | | Reply

    Dia looks far far better…
    Asin somehow always manages to look “not so beautiful” IDK why, because she is beautiful..

    And @P & P,
    Won’t you guys do a post on the latest (August 2009) VOgue cover?? Shobhaa De and other yesteryears models are on the cover and this one definitely looks like a Vogue cover!!

  7. Adit at | | Reply

    P and p i know advertisement are good revenue, but now I think your pages are going to start to get VERY confusing..

  8. Ranjani at | | Reply

    Love Dia’s dress and it compliments her well! Asin looks like an overly made up aunty.

  9. kashish at | | Reply

    excuse me, but blind much? I think Dia’s gown is more royal blue two toned than smoky grey..its actually pretty far from any shade of grey for that matter..

  10. Padma at | | Reply

    something to do with Asin’s dress’s length. Its not right. Dia does wear it better, and the length of her dress is better too. But Asin is a stunningly good looking woman, and so is Dia, but i dont like her makeup here.

  11. ramizi at | | Reply

    what is up with the awkward dress lengths? unimpressive and suitably boring in both cases. why do these women try so hard?

  12. Carol at | | Reply

    Don’t like the dress on either one of them. Dia’s dress looks overhelming on her plus the bad makeup. Asin’s is a better color but the length makes her look frumpy.

  13. suchi at | | Reply

    asin looks much better in seecond pic where you dont see the length of teh dress.

  14. Anu at | | Reply

    I always used to think that asin is so pretty…but I find that her make-up is too caked and she has a constant aunty smile with the raised eyebrows which annoys me…all said, the dress on her is an awful length…but dia looks really good in the blue-grey version of it

  15. Antonia at | | Reply

    I love the cut & colour of Dia’s dress so so much. Me want LOL. But she doesn’t have the chest to pull it off.

  16. pan at | | Reply

    Dia is looking lovely I dint like the length n colour of the dress that Asin is wearing

  17. B at | | Reply

    NO you guys, Asin looks radiant, the colour of that dress is totally complimenting her personality.And the gown on Dia is fab too, bad make up- yeh maybe. I like both the dresses!

  18. meria at | | Reply

    oh my Asin!!!!!!

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