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  1. dn at | | Reply

    Hey, the printed blazer is so very spring, and the best part of this look! Love how casual and laid back she looks.

    1. Sonia at | | Reply

      +1 !

      1. GG at | | Reply

        its like you snatched words from my mouth. The first thing that occurred to me was “wow that is such a nice spring jacket”.

        me loves jacket.

        Problem i have is the makeup. she looks grey for some reason. what did they put on her face.

        1. katkall at | | Reply

          it’s the lighting i think

  2. Trishna at | | Reply

    Where are her thong sandals from? I’ve seen them somewhere!! maybe steve madden?

  3. slc at | | Reply

    Meh. Deepika’s make-up is off as well.

  4. Lola at | | Reply

    I agree with you; darker washed and relaxed pair of jeans would have been a better choice. I am not attracted to the jackets either.

    1. Lola at | | Reply

      I meant “jacket”

  5. Sonia at | | Reply

    What is wrong with u guys..she looks great and i love the blazer. Great to see her here after quite a few days..ws missing dippy on ur pages! :)

    1. asmozonic at | | Reply

      was missing her too. much! looking forward to seeing more of her, what with YJHD coming out soon :).

  6. Ritu at | | Reply

    I love the jacket….n the look too is very colour coordinated. Cant find a flaw!

  7. Simmi at | | Reply

    I love this look !!!
    So effortless yet in-trend ;)

  8. hmm at | | Reply

    it looks effortless, Deepika looks comfortable and at ease .. very casual and chic..can’t fault the look

  9. RS at | | Reply

    I love the jacket.

  10. Senorita at | | Reply

    amazing how, when the model and Deepika are wearing essentially the same outfit — Deeps manages to look SO much better!

  11. Ananyaa at | | Reply

    The entire look screams SPRING 2013..Loved what she’s wearing from Head to toe :D The jacket,the light colour of tank and jeans looks very well put together :) The makeup and hair are up to the mark as well :D A very well put together look without being “on-your-face”. Thumbs Up for this effortless and equally chic look (y)

  12. monika at | | Reply

    Neither do I like that blazer!! & what kind of movie hall do they to? We never have to wear blazers in summers in Inoxes or Forums in India

    1. KJ at | | Reply

      Must be super cold inside the theaters with AC turned on full blast. That’s the only reason I see. It’s true in the US.

  13. Vidhi at | | Reply

    I love this look,,,she carries it off so well…love the thong sandals too.. they are from american eagle outfitters….

  14. karishma at | | Reply

    i don’t mind her safe and boring looks usually but i hate this flower print jacket on her. it so schoolteacherish.

  15. SS at | | Reply

    This is probably the only time I havent loved Deepika’s look. I think it is her make up more than the choice of clothes.

  16. charan at | | Reply

    I have to agree. IMO, something about this look is not right. It doesn’t tie well together even though the jacket by itself is pretty fun. Maybe it’s the jean color or that hair or both.

  17. scsi at | | Reply

    errr, i LOVE the look. everything about it.

  18. nadia at | | Reply

    I have noticed that a lot of the actresses and also the so called fashionistas of mumbai copy the look without any personal touch.

  19. sarah at | | Reply

    i always love deepika and i absolutely love the blazer, it may be winter down here but i’d still wear it in a heartbeat

  20. Mikaela at | | Reply

    Gosh! Where was she?? I didn’t log in for long and missed out on this look… good to see her. LIKE LIKE LIKE! natural stunner

  21. chungachanga at | | Reply

    she looks so fresh and beautiful, love the jacket! thankfully no distressed denims :P

  22. begum at | | Reply

    casual & chic, P&P how can u not like that jacket? she looks cute

  23. pizza bianca at | | Reply

    so cheery, that sweet smile.. you know her beauty kind of grows on you.. love her thong sandals. she’s dressed weather appropriate.

  24. footsie toots at | | Reply

    she looks great in all the pics, especially love the 3rd pic, she looks pensive & beautiful.

    and of course thanks for not dressing to the nines!

  25. chungachanga at | | Reply

    gorgeous hair. cool look, and far away from the ponytail. so long since she graced your pages, (we hostel gals actually missed her) the last time.. was for Tissot i think..

  26. fonsecalive at | | Reply

    ‘pretty woman walking down the street…’ Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman it is. she’s so feminine one time femme fatale the next.. yet can be the girl you can take to yr mommy! LOVE!

  27. Liv at | | Reply

    now that is well turned out gal. such an uncluttered look.

  28. galpal at | | Reply

    too bad, can’t see her perfect bod :P

    i just love the thong sandals.

  29. bambi eyes at | | Reply

    ms smarty pants :) the jacket is just perfect. PnP what’s happening to you guys? this is what any gal would wear without blinking, its that good an ensemble of pants + jacket + thong sandals blah blah. well done Dee & Anaita. she looks cute, beautiful & ..sexy well that she is anyway

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