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  1. ar00j at | | Reply

    awww i love this! wish she had a yellow dupatta with it, or any dupatta for that matter lol! cute nonetheless!

  2. asli koel at | | Reply

    Nah !

    Looks like a tent (Shamianaa) to me.

  3. preeths at | | Reply

    wow she looks so cute and fresh
    and how gorgeous is that face and smile!!!

  4. shalini at | | Reply

    love the look on her, and thats a dazzling smile to match!! more importantly, where can i get this.

  5. K611 at | | Reply

    This is her look in Love Aaj Kal!

  6. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    luv this girl…who is she wearing?

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I smell a bias D: (of my own)
    Is it wrong to say that on anyone else I would have loved this? It just doesn’t fit with her “image” BUT IT’S TOTALLY CUTE! Sigh, I don’t know. What happened to her? She faded fast…

  8. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Its horrible!

  9. K at | | Reply

    OK! You don’t really often see me praising Deepika…. but I LOVE THIS!!! I think she looks vibrant, for a change. :D Those curls really complement her. So um yea, I voted “Fresh!”

  10. Ritu at | | Reply

    On the fence. It’s def. kitschy & cute, but there’s something about those tights that I cannot accept, thoguh I can’t pinpoint what.

  11. Sharin at | | Reply

    She looks good! Not boring, she has a nice big smile on her face, her makeup is minimal, she’s kept the accessories to a minimum to let the loud print do the talking. Well done Deepika. Interesting, cute, funky and def not boring!

  12. kismett at | | Reply

    For the first time in ages, I think she looks nce and more her age.

  13. aishwarya at | | Reply

    omg is dat deepika !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wats wrong wid her??????????

  14. pan at | | Reply

    I thought it had way too much colour and she could have done without the bindi bit. But if the lady is trying to compete with Kareena in Jab we…. sorry lady Karrenas styling was way better

  15. pan at | | Reply

    on second thoughts it looks like a kathiawadi dress dandiya anyone ? hehehehe

  16. Jazz at | | Reply

    I wish the hemiline was regular… And the hair straight! These colors are so… dandiya types lol… But I like! :)

  17. Myna at | | Reply

    I was thinking of voting for “Retro gone wrong”. I was curious about what “kitschy” really meant. Here was I found “something of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste”. I COMPLETELY agree.

  18. mia at | | Reply

    I like it!!!!!! Its vibrant and youthful :) What is this new style called.. Churidaar with short anarkali? Its cool however..

  19. R at | | Reply

    it’s not her regular style… and i totally love it!
    she’s looking natural and beautiful!

  20. M at | | Reply

    Sigh.. way to hard on deepika.. when some other starlet..dresses horrible for her movie premiere and stuff.. it is defended as..”Oh its her look for the film>..
    now deepika looks pretty cute and happy here..but nooo gotta bring her down..
    hey payal/pri..what do you think of her look???
    you are just asking for via poll.. what is your opinion???
    deepika is hardly your fav

  21. worship_elle at | | Reply

    minus the shoes its such a a gorgeous outfit

  22. Chevalier at | | Reply

    P&P, did you see Saif at the same event? Methinks Chote Nawab qualifies for a ‘royal’ WTHEYYY there.

  23. LazyU (The artist formerly known a U) at | | Reply

    I like this.


    a) she isn’t looking lifeless. Even a hint of personality elevates whatever she’s wearing. She’s smiling and the balance between the dress and her personality isn’t skewed as it usually is. She actually looks like she owns the dress rather than the other way around.

    b) She’s minimally accesorized. A WTheyish person could have seen the eastern outfit as a reason to wear big crazy, huge blingy stuff..

    c) the colours are crazy and cute.

    My only prob is the hair. Even though I hate her straight hair a little less volume on the hair would’ve matched the non-formalness of the outfit.

  24. keya at | | Reply

    one word “color-blast” not in a good way…
    If she had a bupatta on, the colors wont bother me, as for indian retro…the traditiona could be veryl colorful and chic…
    but here…its justtoo many colors … she had to ditch either the purple in salwar or the yellow in flats…
    I Like the kediyu-kurta..
    Love the bangles..
    Hate the hair…
    n if she had to go with dupatta than the bindi was good , but in this case I guess the bindi was unnecessary…

  25. keya at | | Reply

    *I meant dupatta :P

  26. siddharth at | | Reply

    i dont know what but there is something odd and weird about the outfit

  27. charan at | | Reply

    How many ppl who like this over here will walk out in public wearing this!! I would be happy if a dog doesnt chase me.

  28. fashionista at | | Reply

    not happenning for me, why does she always ook frozen, even when she smiles… ugh … no waaay.

  29. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @ charan:

    that’s the whole point of fashion, is for someone to be able to pull off something normally so ridiculous with aplomb. yes, if i or you wore this outfit in suburban occident, then we would certainly be chased by dogs. that’s why we’re us and she’s deepika. also, one has to realize that she’s wearing this outfit for a tv show, not for a stroll down the street.

    @ worship_elle:

    i actually think the shoes and bindi (and her attitude) kind of save the outfit.

  30. akaa at | | Reply

    I kind of like it.. And that;s because these snaps do not so any justice to how good she was looking in that outfit .. checked it on another website.. she looked good .. !! These are not good photos!! .. And this coming from someone who is almost always critical of Deepika.. :) happy for her!!

  31. kismett at | | Reply

    Lol someone said she was wearing tights, that made me laugh, its a dress and churidaar just without dupatta.

  32. charan at | | Reply

    @PeachBellini – I am totally game for anyone who pulls off some thing non-conventional. I actually love it when ppl are not too safe.
    But take one look at this dress… i am not biotching about deepika, its the dress. Bad print, bad colour combo, Bad design top with bottom.
    If i think twice wearing this out in public wearing maybe 50 passerby will look at me, i am certainly not going to wear it on a national TV where millions of ppl are going to catch me wearing this.

    Maybe i feel this way because, more often than not, you like the dresses you can relate yourself with.

  33. anoo at | | Reply

    she is deepika padukone….she lacks style and the sophistication….its high time we accepted tht and just talk bout her pretty face.period.

  34. suchi at | | Reply

    something different and cute for her.

  35. KK at | | Reply

    Way too many colors and just too much. DON”T LIKE IT!

  36. DP at | | Reply

    I srsly like this and its very LAK-ish (if ya’ll have seen the promos) meh..ppl love pulling her down so not at all surprised by the hate directed towards her :P

    Abt the outfit: I just returned from Mumbai and if u go suit shopping..this is basically what you get..salwar’s replaced by tights(not exactly churidaars!) and the kameez has been replaced by short kurti’s. The dupatta is the least important part of the outfit cuz many of the girls opt for this type of an attire (minus the duppatta) for riding one of those lil vespa’s.

    The colors are sooo fascinating for someone like me who’s sooo used to the cold North American grey’s, blues and blacks…this reminds me of the tropics..summer..color..ahhh..bliss!! :D

  37. debs at | | Reply

    Good God! No.

  38. bins at | | Reply

    I adore this and I think for once Deepika actually likes something she’s wearing as well. You can see it in her pose and smile :)

  39. rêve at | | Reply

    I am absolutely speechless on this one…
    there is something “so very cute” and something “so not right” happening at the same time in my mind!

  40. neina at | | Reply

    nice outfit.. but i hate the colours and it doesn’t suit deepika…

  41. mj at | | Reply

    loooove her in the outfit, dunno if i’d do it. the kurta/ kurti is essentially just a babydoll dress with an asymmetrical hem and the colors are a little too garish…almost like what the gypsies wear. that said, she looks awesome…so young, fresh, pretty. and that smile obliterates any and all fashion gaffes, in any case :-)

  42. Sassy_girl at | | Reply

    she is a beautiful girl i dont get it why she chooses horrible dresses.. this dress is a big ewwwwwww

  43. t at | | Reply

    Not very pleased, she doesn’t suit the dress or the dress doesn’t suit her? Or are they both downright wrong for each other.

  44. Megha at | | Reply

    love this dress so much!
    and i could totally see myself wearing it

  45. sony at | | Reply

    He he he what a dress…she sud hav @ least worn a dupatta with it …that wud hav looked better

  46. Mrug at | | Reply

    the colors are soo manish malhotra-ish

  47. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    @reve: That’s my exact thought!

  48. Padma at | | Reply

    its a nice dress, fresh and young. hate the hair with it though, a fresh new haircut would have made it look really cute.

  49. Shruti at | | Reply

    Cuute! I like it :) I like her makeup here too

  50. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Wow, she looks cute!
    This is one of those rare times she isn’t dressed boring, and I love the dress, crazy, cute and colourful:) I have only two problems with this look:
    1. The hair- straight hair would’ve looked mucho better.
    2. Lack of dupatta- this outfit really needs one, without it, just looks out of place.

  51. silveranklets at | | Reply

    I was wondering about the the context of the word you use- kitschy – and this is what I came up with.

    Main Entry:

    1 : something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality 2 : a tacky or lowbrow quality or condition

    Merriam-Webster Online. 30 June 2009

  52. Aathira at | | Reply

    I think she is looking great… it has an air of youth about it.

  53. Anu at | | Reply

    LUV the outfit on her…and the flats too…and those curls look so cute on her :-)

  54. hiz at | | Reply

    i loved the outfit so much that i m goin all crazy searching 4 the brand of the outfit to buy 4 my grlfrnd…can anyone help me on that please…

  55. Light at | | Reply

    HATE the colours
    she doesn’t look good

  56. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    Pathetic. Can this girl ever get it right? Was she REALLY a supermodel? It’s hard to believe. Her dressing style sucks.

  57. Farzana at | | Reply


    I am totally in love with this outfit and want to purchase something similar. It is really cute and right up my street :-) Does anyone know who the designer of this outfit is? Please!!

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