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  1. Emaan Khan at | | Reply

    3 Fails! I win! Just kiddin:) But yes fail fail n fail
    ripped jeans really??? Arent those illegal?

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Grey tank, I don’t see no grey tank on Shruti…I thought Deepika’s tank gave her a very edgy look but would have preferred non-distressed denims on her…neha looks kinda plain…and Shruti is okayish…nothing too great…

  3. KK at | | Reply

    Shruti looks like Prachi Desai in this picture.
    I like that vest with a black tank but not with Shruti’s ripped jeans.

    1. sheets at | | Reply

      plz dont compare her with prachi…
      shruti is a rock star with an awesome personality, i know u r just talkin bout the looks.. but just had to say this.. shruti is soo talented!

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        True about Shruti. She is def talented. Gotta have some genes of her awesome versatile actor-dad. :)

    2. monika at | | Reply

      My thoughs exactly…….the vest looks teh best on Shruti but wish the denims were different

  4. sasha at | | Reply

    i’m just relieved to see shruti dressing up as herself again, really. over the past few months, she’s been glammed up to within an inch of her own edgy style…i thought she’s been bollywoodized for good

  5. Kish at | | Reply

    I like neha’s the best. she knows what suits her and makes the best of it.
    Deepika is by far the worst- the prom-ish make up & hair just doesn’t go with the outfit (which in itself is nothing great)

  6. yashu at | | Reply

    i thght it was sonam kapoor…….but all of them are blahhh…..well deepika does look nice neck up

  7. sonal at | | Reply

    Shurti looks like she’s put on weight. And deepika wins this hands down- tho I’m not much of a fan of her dress sense I like this outfit on her. Ps- can u I’d the vest P&P? I want it!

  8. Saya at | | Reply

    Shruti works it. The distressed denim and the vest suits her personality.

  9. k at | | Reply

    it goes best with shruti’s outfit.

  10. Usha at | | Reply

    What’s all the hype about the studded vest….boooorring

  11. Genie at | | Reply

    Urrgghh wats with all those torn jeans!…for me its neva cool to wear those ripped jeans…they look damn ugly even if you wear the costliest,funkiest,coolest top with it…..eeekkkksss

  12. khadija at | | Reply

    the vest i think is from promod

  13. aashna at | | Reply

    hey payal n priyanka..
    i really like deepika’s distressed denims..
    can u pls temme from where can i buy such denims in delhi as um totally in love with these..

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