Amrita on Avant Garde Life:(Un)Covered

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After seeing her in too many too count ugly ensembles (you didn’t forget this, did ya?), don’t blame us for loving Ms. Rao in the edgy Falguni and Shane Peacock on the cover the latest Avant Garde Life magazine.

Also, catch her inside wearing the same Swapnil Shinde dress worn by Simran Kaur Mundi at Cannes 2010.


Amrita Rao on Avant Garde Life in Falguni and Shane Peacock


Left: Swapnil Shinde, Resort 2010
Right: Amrita Rao on Avant Garde Life

Photo Credit: NextBollywood

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  1. Bleh. Neither is anything worth raving about. In the bottom picture it doesn’t even really look like her IMO. The cover is well just that – another magazine cover. Nothing that particularly stands out as the dress isn’t anything special and it looks oddly fitted in that pose.

  2. There is something so right and so wrong about her all the time… I think its just her stylists on and off screen…

    Whats with the contacts and blonde section in hair? I can’t help but think of a 90’s Stardust Mag cover :S

    Lovin the shoes and dress on the ramp tho!

  3. she has a really beautiful face.. do you have a full length photo of this falguni and shane peacock dress? which season is it?

  4. Something about her just destroys every thing she puts on. I think it’s the holier than thou expression. Annoying as hell. She could be wearing a catsuit and she’d still be looking wide-eyed and innocent. Ugh. Fail.

  5. She’s so fitting for an Avant-Garde magazine…
    She’s truly a very beautiful girl, but she needs to dress to suit her personality. Dia is the perfect example. She always looks like she’s so lost and confused style-wise. And worse, like she doesn’t really care. In a bad way.

  6. she always looks like she is about to hold up a sponge and tell me all about the exciting new extra strong dish washing liquid, or about the new wedding jewellery collection.


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