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  1. The Bride at | | Reply

    Wahhh Vogue in India – what am I doing in HK? All those years in which I lived in India, Vogue-less, subsisting only on back issues bought from the raddi…

    I totally agree on the logo overkill. Why should we pay to be free advertisements for someone’s brand – especially in that boring brown?

    About all those women with the up-to-date bags, you get very good fakes of all the latest designs in HK so it could be that.

  2. Pri at | | Reply

    I seriously doubt they are fakes though!

  3. KP at | | Reply

    you should probably retag laxmi menon as lakshmi menon … she looked so pretty here … whats happened to her now ???

  4. Fatima at | | Reply

    Ladies i may be wrong, so forgive me if it is so…but the first pic here, with all basu et al, isn’t lakshmi Menon the one on the far right, and not between priyanka and priety?

  5. Fatima at | | Reply

    i should’ve clarified…
    the order you’ve put the names, i was assuming its left to right…starting with bipasha and moving to the far right, which is why i had the dilemma, but maybe i’m wrong…oh well…

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