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  1. aparna at | | Reply

    i like the purple one a lot. except the hair and make up. i like miss malini so much, i feel bad saying that!!!

  2. karishma at | | Reply

    i don’t think she can carry off either dress. i hate the drop waist.

  3. carrotswithlime at | | Reply


  4. ko at | | Reply

    sorry as much as i like Malini.. not liking her look AT ALL & will leave it to that:)

  5. SMV at | | Reply

    She is so thin :-) And looks nice in both the looks

  6. b at | | Reply

    I love miss malini..but neither!!!

  7. fashionfever at | | Reply

    She is wearing same shoes…i love blue.

  8. froggie at | | Reply

    these dresses look so outdated. neither for me!

  9. LULU at | | Reply

    Neither..Seriously these dresses are so so dated. Hate the fabric – so shiny

  10. Amber at | | Reply

    I absolutely adore MM but her choice in clothes (esp when she’s attending all the hot stuff around town) leaves me cringing. She’s got a gorgeous face and smile, and a personality to match but how I wish she can be a bit more up to date with the new fashion/styles.

    1. BlueStar at | | Reply

      Totally agree with you. Her choice in clothes..hate so say it..but is very very tacky. Considering she has spent so much of her time living abroad I would expect her to have a much better sense of fashion.

  11. MissMalini at | | Reply

    Well at least I’m feeling the love even if my outfit isn’t :)
    P.S. for the Cointreau bash at least, we WERE going for a 1920s look by the way xoxo

  12. RS at | | Reply

    I liked both the looks.I think she carries them off very well.

  13. thePURPLEspirit at | | Reply

    I love MM!!! She’s the most non-fake chirpy person around me thinks!! Anyhooo.. wish she had worn a fringe flapper dress with a headband…This is jus not working! sigh.. 1920s theme could have been so much more fun-fashion wise!!!

  14. leonine lion at | | Reply

    yup it still doesn’t feel 1920s

  15. preeti at | | Reply

    bad make up …bad hair…n such shiny fabric n that too in this weather….big no no…

  16. MissMalini at | | Reply

    Duly noted :) xoxo

    1. Amber at | | Reply

      <3 for you, MM!

      1. MissMalini at | | Reply

        <3 you back! xoxo

        1. blogcritic111 at | | Reply

          Omg! i love u MissMalini!!
          rock on!!!

  17. naiad at | | Reply

    I like her but hate the dresses. They have a very teeny bopper look to them and look kinda cheap. This girl has serious potential to hit it out of the ballpark! Hope she gets her groove soon! and I am noticing how Payal/ Priyanka have refrained from commenting on the look ;)

  18. Preethi at | | Reply

    Woohoo MM finally made it onto hhc! And Mals the preeti earlier is not the same one who comments on ur blog! For the record I think you look cute but the dresses are kinda late 90’sey :( xxx

  19. Sucheta at | | Reply

    wow! i like that MM is reading and noting the comments on HHC’s blog! I like that Payal and Priyanka refrained to comment.. good one guys..competitors with panache.. our country needs more of it..look at the state of our talk shows!! ;) (kiki being the latest addition of course)

  20. saristyle at | | Reply

    not liking the hair….
    but love missmalini :)

    p.s. P&P u dont have to feel left out…WE LOVE U GALS TOO :)

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