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  1. Flier at | | Reply

    i love the 2nd and 3rd looks ! wouldn’t change a thing

  2. veenu at | | Reply

    Did not understand the first line : “Some of you may strongly about….”. Strongly what??

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      Oops. Corrected it. Thanks!

  3. Shivangi at | | Reply

    Love second and third look, 4th and 1st not at all!

  4. Zina at | | Reply

    True that she changes things up ever so often but never in keeping with her body type. She’s short, curvy with a big bust yet she cinches her waist at every opportunity, which only makes her look stumpy and her bust area bigger.

  5. SY at | | Reply

    I love your writing style but lately most of the posts seem to start with “Some of you may disagree…” or “We know you won’t like it but we do…”

    This makes it seem like you think very low of your readers and it comes of as though you guys think everyone who reads this blog is not capable of using their brain :). You will know from your comments if some one doesn’t agree with you. No? :)

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      Didn’t see that one coming!

      Some looks are very polarizing, either you like it or hate it and there’s no middle path. It’s just our way of hazarding a guess as to the majority vote. We hardly are the ones to underestimate our readers. The blog is, as long as the readers are.

  6. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Avantika has an adorable smile….she should smile more often!

  7. Nupur at | | Reply

    she definitely does not dress upto her body type.she is trying too hard,except for the last one.what with that head band?isn’t school long over?

  8. Honey at | | Reply

    It’s nice to see her finally dressing her body type well. I like the 2nd and the 3rd.

  9. Adara at | | Reply

    Except the 2nd (which anyway is like a forever 21 look) the others are a big no no for her already huge frame. It’s just not the clothes, the accessories are all so cheap and tacky too.

  10. amzziiee at | | Reply

    OMG I love the second one!! she looks so adorable.

    Although, I feel for her being so short, she always has to be in heels, esp with that tall (beautiful) husband of hers! She’s quite adorable, I just wish she showed more neck, not have it covered with hair all the time. Since she has a big upper, a bare neck will give her the illusion of looking slimmer. I have the same body type as hers. That’s what everyone tells me anyways and I think it works for me!

  11. VS at | | Reply

    I think for shorter heights the length in the third is soooo wrong..makes u look all the more shorter…I am 5″ 5′ and I still cant wear dresses that are so below the knee..even just below the knee becomes risky ;)

  12. R at | | Reply

    So tired of comments saying this is “so wrong for her body type” on almost everything Avantika or similarly non-tall-and-skinny women wear. Newsflash: looking the tallest and skinniest you can is not every woman’s fashion objective.

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