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  1. SwB at | | Reply

    whyy?? … she looks like a little mermaid :)

    1. jur802 at | | Reply

      Little mermaids look good; she looks like a fish that needs to be descaled and fried ;-))

  2. Anon at | | Reply

    Or mebbe she thought she did!!

  3. Nosh at | | Reply

    Hilarious post :P But strangely enough, I like the dress :)

  4. Sheeba at | | Reply

    Whats with Deepika and “Mermaid-gowns” ? Din’t she wear another similar dark blue one at the Filmfare awards?

    She is such a gorgeous woman and can do so much better!

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    eww.tho she does have the ability to carry off a mermaid kind of dress

  6. Aarthi at | | Reply

    yeah its got fish scales and its a fish cut also…but I love that aquamarine-teal color on her….somehow its not wthhheyyyy i feel!

  7. Another Kiran in NYC at | | Reply


  8. divi at | | Reply

    The color is pretty but the dress is defenitly tacky and makes her look fat.

  9. kinny at | | Reply

    It’s not “WTHey”…. and she makes it work.

  10. mia at | | Reply

    i agree with divi. dress is tacky.

  11. Adit at | | Reply

    such a lovely girl, but even she cannot carry this hideous outfit off with aplomb or any other thing.

  12. anon at | | Reply

    well, maybe she was attempting marion cotillard’s fab red carpet look profiled in the post below

  13. vidya at | | Reply

    too much of scales for my liking.. I liked the Marion Cotillard one..i thought it had more character than this one.

  14. alisha at | | Reply

    she does a lot of ‘blues’ don she? and reds as well..

  15. Hema at | | Reply

    She is such a pretty girl , how could she choose to wear such a horror?

  16. U at | | Reply

    the scales are rather unflattering.. okay, I admit I’m laughing.. this is hilarious

  17. siwani at | | Reply

    lol for some reason deepika looks good in anything i think, just the grace and all that.

  18. siwani at | | Reply

    dint like the dress one bit though

  19. Priti at | | Reply

    This dress is similar to what the French actrees (Marion Cottilard) who won the Oscar this year wore to the Academy awards…

  20. sonia at | | Reply

    marion cottilard’s dress was nice because it was white. if one has a sea-green dress along with scales it looks like darryl hannah’s mermaid costume from the movie splash. i’m showing my age here :(

  21. Raspberry at | | Reply

    I can see how this dress could work conceptually…but it doesn’t.

  22. Nisha at | | Reply

    I think she manages to make the dress work, the color is great on her.

  23. ariel001 at | | Reply

    i think this dress might be from the “JEAN PAUL GAUTIER HAUTE COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2008”

    thats only because of the shape and scales on the dress

  24. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    Meow!! The marian dress is just MEOWWWWWWWW. About this one. Frankly she makes it work. Like someone said it works conceptually. The problem is with the fabric there. The colour is very mermaid-esque but the fabric is weird and the scales too big. It would have worked otherwise.

  25. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    The scales should taper towards the tail,no? The big ones on the ass just make that bootay look weirddd.

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