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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    How lovely is her face !!! She is sooo unbelievably pretty !

    I agree with your comments PnP. Bad silhouette and too short for her. But i would rather change the belt than the earrings.

  2. meria at | | Reply

    I think she looks gorgeous.. I love Asin..

  3. veenu at | | Reply

    the belt might be bordering on ugly, the dress might be oh! so-so, but the face and the make up is bang on…

  4. chub at | | Reply

    I like the dress, just wish it was longer enough, slightly above the knees, it would look great.

  5. manisha at | | Reply

    Her shoes look so UGLY!! the dress is ill-fitting..but she somehow manages to look pretty

  6. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    She carries it off somehow. Even if it is not the best of the silhouettes, its refreshing to see something different and she doesn’t look like she is trying hard.

  7. Jaya at | | Reply

    Heart earrings to match the dress… WHY NOT? It’s cute!

  8. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    that belt is so not done!! Not with that pretty face

  9. arpitha at | | Reply

    she is looking nice, i like the earrings & even belt, it adds color. the shoes should have been green or blue pumps to go with the belt.

  10. meera at | | Reply

    awww…she looks cute

  11. ritu at | | Reply

    fabulous……i wonder why u people felt the look ‘not quite’……she is simply looking awesome….so pretty n the dress is looking sooooo cute….earrings are bang on too…!

  12. Nitasha at | | Reply

    She’s gorgeous despite the unfortunate dress!

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