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  1. random at | | Reply

    that’s hilarious… red and grey is like the oldest combo in the book. like grey and orange!

  2. just me at | | Reply

    She looks fab I like! Really, re. the lips? I think gray and red almost always look great together – especially a gray blouse/dress and stark/matte red lips. Or perhaps I’m just saying this because that’s closer to what I usually wear!

  3. Meena at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous here, but I’m not a fan of the necklace! I wish she had worn something less…trinket-y.

  4. Christina at | | Reply

    Verrry nice – if you can ignore the uneven boobs and the manly stance….

    1. rina at | | Reply

      Totally agree. Love grey and red but the uneven boobs ruin it for me as do the shoes

  5. angl at | | Reply

    this showcases the beauty in SIMPLICITY!!!!

  6. ariel001 at | | Reply

    I think the gown ages her! Though I love how she wears it!

  7. Akkta at | | Reply

    Have really started liking her fashion sensibilities off late.

  8. rt at | | Reply

    Post the vogue feb-issue photoshoot, she’s been bringing in a lot of edginess into her look….
    and i must say…she pulls it off…..
    big fan!!!!

    donna karan can some times be a little ageing…(especially cos she designs for that clientele)…but the sleek styling makes anushka look amazinnnnggg!!! full marks to stylist!!!

  9. sp at | | Reply

    the colors i don’t mind … but the gown drapes very badly!

    i mean of course it looks well styled= simple and effective!

    But if you just look at the gown itself… whats so great abt it?

  10. tanya at | | Reply

    filthy carpet ruined the look, why cant a damn award show afford cleaner carpets?

  11. sonali at | | Reply

    she looks really old here….she need not experiment with her limited looks.

  12. kiwi at | | Reply

    she should have dropped the necklace

  13. Smitha at | | Reply

    liked the red lips…but the hair seems too severe

  14. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Love it. Definately the best I have seen on a Bollywood red carpet. I didn’t notice the uneven boobs till someone else mentioned it but now they stand out haha!

  15. Paroma at | | Reply

    Wow!! Another amazing look from Anushka.

  16. shalini at | | Reply

    Full marks to the stylist + hair stylist and the make-up artist here !

  17. SMS at | | Reply

    Love this look! Wish she would pose more lady like!

  18. Ramya at | | Reply

    I love Anushka and think she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. But this look isn’t working for me. The gown drapes badly, for one. And it ages her – whether its the gown or the severe hair, I’m not sure.

  19. Phoenix at | | Reply

    TOO OLD FOR HER! I loveee that Sonam brought FASHION into Bollywood and changed things around so that ladies didn’t need to be “sexy” all the time but I’m kinda sick of every girl dressing so old! This look would have worked wonderfully for Sridevi or Madhuri.

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