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  1. $ at | | Reply

    She is looking soo B’ful but somehow i am not liking the outfit.

  2. Desimom at | | Reply

    A white colored top would have worked maybe..

  3. Mogambo at | | Reply

    The lip colour looks great on her…and the focus on the lips make me realize that she now looks exactly like she used to before all the drama about them broke out. Seems she was telling the truth about temporary fillers or whatever it was.

    Anyways, the outfit, especially the shoes don’t work. Perhaps just the top with different bottoms and footwear would have looked better but the design is still pretty unremarkable.

  4. Priya at | | Reply

    Would have loved to see fancy footwear like the model. That would have prevented looking drab and elevated the look by more than a notch. As is- plaid and sneakers not liking.

  5. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks cute and wears this well!

  6. vinnimeow at | | Reply

    How much I love this woman. That ease, that smile and that cutesy attitude.. Love it. Would wear it myself anyday..

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      Totally agreed !

    2. Zainab at | | Reply

      Mere moonh ki baat chinli tumne! She really is always being herself. Not trying too hard to be someone else! She’s an original & that’s what people like about her!

  7. Asha at | | Reply

    There seems to be a lot of nightwear-inspired fashion nowadays.

  8. farah at | | Reply

    Love her look :D
    and those sneakers at point !

  9. Monika at | | Reply

    I love this look except for the shoes..I wish she wore ballet flats instead.

  10. Violet at | | Reply

    Her cool and casual looks are getting boring and repetitive. Same hair, similar outfits and similar footwear. This one looks like a night suit again.

  11. Sonali at | | Reply

    Easy, breezy, beautiful…Anushka Sharma :D

  12. Melange at | | Reply

    I’d have gone with a pair of strappy heels.

  13. re at | | Reply

    nightwear type of clothing for your own movie launch! you guys must really love her! :)

  14. sree at | | Reply

    Pretty girl but the outfit reminds me of pajamas I wear to bed.

  15. Aa at | | Reply

    I think Anushka looks lovely.

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