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    Kareena without the necklace (its already sucha busy print, its just weighing it down further), and Anushka with the black pumps (Kareena seems to have one spare at her feet :p ) , and Tadaaa, both would be doing perfect !

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    I like the lip color and shoes on Anusha..but I like Kareena’s neckpiece better..Can’t really say which one i prefer more..This one is a Tie!!

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    Kareena – its hard to beat her in any Ditto. Not liking the bangs on Anusha at all.

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    This one is a hard one but I prefer the makeup on Anusha. The red lips look fabulous and I agree that for such a busy print; Kareena would have been better off without the necklace.

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    Both women wear the dress well. Kareena has an edge because her shoes.

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    Kareena , she brings such sass to the look

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    Kareena. Shoes and makeup killed Anusha’s look

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    Kareena, hands down!
    Although both the ladies carry the dress well, Kareena’s overall look has a wow factor to it, which Ms. Dandekar here lacks.

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    Kareena. Anusha’s face looks…what’s the word…fake? Like she has a mask and a wig on, it doesn’t matter if the dress is great after that initial shock.

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    I think kareena tried four diff footwears and finally setteled on this pair..int he mirror we can see pink,black,yellow footwears too :P

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      Very observant…

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    a bowl cut on a grown woman is so wrong..to say nothing of the clown makeup..

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    Kareena, hands down! What’s with the other lady’s bangs n eye brows? She looks like a clown!

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    With that face and attitude, Kareena would always win hands down!

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    Karena looks great

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    Kareena no doubt luks better!!<3…anusha wore the skirt way too low…the skirt ends at kareena's kness but with anusha its too shabbily worn!

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