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  1. Ria at | | Reply

    Seriously, What the H made Sonam wear this outfit?

  2. Adi at | | Reply

    They are both so much fun!

  3. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i love that she’s barefoot here. it adds a certain freshness to the look. also, her self-confidence in general is really great, it’s nice to see a celebrity daughter who appears as carefree as she does.

  4. Jeanie at | | Reply

    i have a soft spot for anil kapoor :)
    so i’d have to say him!
    pretty cool that tarun’s working with levi’s.

  5. U at | | Reply

    Sonam’s clothes are very very weird.. I’ll admit this is the first time in months I’ve thought she isn’t looking great..

  6. Sushi at | | Reply

    Its a weird outfit but she carries it off very well, she looks confident, fresh and fun. Anil seems to be having a great time too.

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