Gayatri In Gayatri

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What’s a good way to advertise your latest spring collection?

Just wear it day after day at the latest fashion week, of course!

Left: Gayatri Khanna, Spring 2009
Right: Gayatri Khanna, Arshiya Fakih Bash at Lakme Fashion Week

Left: Gayatri Khanna, Spring 2009
Right: Gayatri Khanna at Day Five Of Lakme Fashion Week

Update: Swapped Pics

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The yellow dress below looks so tacky sartorially….also why could she not give the dress to Madhu…who could have looked like million bucks instead. BTW what is madhu wearing is looking WTHey

  2. I would expect that as a desinger she would know what clothes flatter what body type and those which do not. She very clearly has no idea that she is ruining those otherwise workable dresses.

  3. wowzies… you’d think the designer of the damn outfit would know how to carry it off best? the spandex with that blue dress KILLS it completely… sigh. (I’ll turn my head the other way about the pointy bra.. ugh)

  4. if gayatri does not get how to dress herself, how is she going to design for others who are not model types…
    i would think twice before going to gayatri for style inputs after seeing this…..

  5. WTF ~~!.. Bigtime Nonsense dresses..
    Aeeyuckks.. She doesn’t know how to dress up properly and she’s going to dress up the audience.. baaahh..~~ Crap !..

    And above all, look at her footwear.. Ghoosh..
    Dirty !


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