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  1. taniya at | | Reply

    Well both the looks are not praiseworthy but still if I have to pick one I will vote Vidya and please somebody teach/tell miss Kapoor how a saree is worn…she should learn to give better poses while draping a saree so that she doesn’t end up looking like a man draped with a nine yard!! Being a bong myself, i do liked the addition of red bindi though…Vidya is a beautiful lady…

    1. suraima at | | Reply

      totally agree! And thanks God we’re not seeing her infamous shoes!

      1. taniya at | | Reply

        lol ya Lord saved us this time from seeing those ugly shoes…:P

  2. Natasha at | | Reply

    none of them can carry it off ….no grace

  3. Bertie at | | Reply

    What the hell is that stupid drape on Ekta?? What is it? I mean seriously? Not that she doesn’t know how to drape sarees…doesn’t she see her own saas-bahu serials?

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