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  1. hana at | | Reply

    I just don’t like the way she holds her purse…

  2. archana at | | Reply

    that dress is inappropriate too I think…for the event in question

  3. Shuchi at | | Reply

    I like the new one marginally better. And agree 100% about the hair!

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    HA! did you know that if you hit people with Grey Goose, the bottle doesn’t break
    at least, that’s what Cheasley Handler told me (on TV)
    pretty useful information, although I wouldn’t mine burning off at least the ends of this hair

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …you know, with the alcohol

  6. TINA at | | Reply

    Im sorry, but this girl ALWAYS gets it wrong. and ends up somehow looking like she picked up everything from ‘wet seals’…so dissapointing. I think have lost hope that she’ll ever get it right. what a shame…such a pretty girl…

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    sooo soo drab.. grey is boring, atleast to me!

  8. suchi at | | Reply

    she is such a pretty girl so it is sad to see her flounder

  9. Srishti at | | Reply

    Even wetseals has better than this! i feel pity for this poor girl… how the heck does she get to promote miss players clothing line!

  10. manisha at | | Reply

    such a beautiful girl and such bad taste. ugh

  11. Pooja at | | Reply

    Grey isnt boring, but it has a tendency to look super-boring if worn wrong!

  12. Pooja at | | Reply

    Please make me her stylist.. will make her look like a million bucks! ;)

  13. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    i agree.. shes too overdressed for the occasion.

    but had she put her hair up and away from her face and neck, the outfit would have looked a little bit better if not breathtakingly gorgeous.

    instead of spending money on all these designer gowns, she should invest in a good hairstylist i say lol

  14. aastha at | | Reply

    she looks so washed out…i thnk after vidya and rani she’s da 3rd least stylish person in bollywood..

  15. Keya at | | Reply

    she is way too tiny that nothing gives her flare onher body… I always wonder if there was anything for this body type. There must be.

  16. Keya at | | Reply

    And why would she have two almost similar dresses

  17. Trisha R at | | Reply

    She looks ridiculous

  18. gayatri at | | Reply

    i think she’s trying to wear grey clothes to match with her new grey contacts. she used to look better before.

  19. Anon at | | Reply

    let’s all pool in and get her a stylist so we don’t have to look at her style faux pas every day:-)

  20. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    She seriously needs a stylist. Or maybe do some really edgy/classy photoshoots or all the good looks are a waste.

  21. melange at | | Reply

    i was always anti-grey( perhaps unfairly so)…i think grey is like wearing elephant skin, but this only reinforces my prejudice.

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