Grey Goose

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From one grey number to another grey one. Didn’t like this any better than the last one. You?

P.S. We do wish she would do something about that hair. We like two-toned colors on a lot of things but HAIR is not on that list!

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Left: Amrita Rao at Star Screen Awards
Right: Amrita Rao at Republic Day Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. HA! did you know that if you hit people with Grey Goose, the bottle doesn’t break
    at least, that’s what Cheasley Handler told me (on TV)
    pretty useful information, although I wouldn’t mine burning off at least the ends of this hair

  2. Im sorry, but this girl ALWAYS gets it wrong. and ends up somehow looking like she picked up everything from ‘wet seals’…so dissapointing. I think have lost hope that she’ll ever get it right. what a shame…such a pretty girl…

  3. i agree.. shes too overdressed for the occasion.

    but had she put her hair up and away from her face and neck, the outfit would have looked a little bit better if not breathtakingly gorgeous.

    instead of spending money on all these designer gowns, she should invest in a good hairstylist i say lol


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