1. “The Bachchans are missing some velvet and Amrita is to be blamed. :p”
    haha you are funny.
    Is Velvet the new fabric in bollywood?
    Vivek Oberoi and his wife, Bachchans(of course) and now Amrita . Is this one of those epidemics fashion police fears?

  2. i just dont get it. when u have an ocean of clothes at your disposal why dress yourself in velvet head to toe? she looks like she just walked out of a period film with an awful wardrobe crew.

  3. Who buys Vikram Phadnis’s outfits ? obviously Amrita Arora..and then pay a bomb for curtains:S .. This guy should be banned you design such stuff in the 21st century is beyond me, this guy hasn’t progressed with time evidently… Amrita is a FASHION DISASTER .

  4. The first thing I thought of was the Seinfeld episode where George says if it was socially acceptable, he’s drape himself in velvet. The punch-line being “IF SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE…” It’s clearly NOT acceptable!


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