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  1. Elysia at | | Reply

    The black lehenga is soooo not flattering her tummy…

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I feel like we’ve seen Shilpa in both of these
    also, though her face looks pretty, those pictures are very unflattering

  3. Karma at | | Reply

    I like this version better than Shilpa’s, however the belly stick out in the first picture is quite awkward. She’s a slim girl, but the bottom looks 1 size too small.

  4. Fan at | | Reply

    she looks hot n very beautiful… nice to see her feature in mags after a long time, lazy lamhe probably did the trick… i wish she does films as much as she does mag shoots, she needs to sign a film asap. she shouldnt have opted out of srk’s production “billo barber”

  5. Ashwini at | | Reply

    That first one sort of looks like a christmas tree.

  6. sharin at | | Reply

    I feel it’s too soon.. like you guys said in your earlier post.. “do the stylists not know what everyone is wearing?” likewise for mags you should make it your business to keep your magazine fresh, and if someone else just featured Am”ee”sha in lenghas I would have chosen a different model. HIRE ME INDIAN FASHION MAGS!!!


    ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO COVER what that really gorgeous actress (maybe her name is Frieda Pinto?) wore on the Tonight Show by Jay Leno? Her face looked gorgeous and she spoke really well which is great… but I wasn’t too fond of the colour of her dress.

  7. mishal at | | Reply

    omg i love the second one. so elegant and just beautiful! the first one not so much.. it looks good in photoshoots and on the ramp. but i doubt it would look half as gorgeous in person..

  8. k= at | | Reply

    i like amisha’s version so much more than shilpa’s! i dont understand why ‘Hello’ would choose Manish’s designs! he gives the same clothes to his actresses. why waste magazine space on clothes already seen before (esp on a very popular TV show!)
    ps: amisha looks so pretty!!

  9. Neha at | | Reply

    Hi P&P…May I first just say that this blog is too cool. I came across ur site a few days back and have been addicted since then! Keep rocking.

    And about this post… I like the black lehenga..very regal. Its better than what Shilpa wore in Big Boss…although I still hate that blouse.What material is that?
    The second orange/yellow lehenga is very nice for sangeets/weddings.

  10. malini at | | Reply

    lenghas are alright.. poses are weird.. especially the first one.. her tummy does not look too flattering..

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    even the golden choli or whatever was worn by Shilpa.. rem the ruched kind of effect on it

  12. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Both outfits look tacky and garish. Why are people still wearing Manish Malhotra? He’s so 90s!

  13. divi at | | Reply

    The outfits are pretty but nothing special about them. You feel like you have seen them over and over again on different people.

    I actually like her in both those outfits. Yes her tummy isint flat but she makes a little tummy look normal and acceptable to many of us who look the same in such clothes. I am quiet sick of model like figures. Its time for a little bit of normal to return.

  14. madhu at | | Reply

    this is the ugliest lehenga on earth…manish must be banned from designing clothes

  15. U at | | Reply

    MM OD’s on the OTT

    I feel so clever making that up. :\

  16. Shruti at | | Reply

    Lol yeah the black lehenga is bad…it looks like a messed up Xmas tree :S

  17. SDN at | | Reply

    although i am not for stick-thin models, i think she looks too heavy for these lehengas. and i don’t think there is anything nice about those either. velvet… *shudder* must go.

  18. Sharin at | | Reply

    I have it recorded.. worst comes to worse I’ll take a picture of my tv screen so u guys can see what she wore :)

  19. honey at | | Reply

    I tired of seeing Manish’s outfits he is all over man!! Can you put other designer clothes?? There are so many new…give them a chance man!! Manish is out!! And so is madhuri and sridevi..

  20. Fan at | | Reply

    There’s something wrong with the first pic, in the magazine her tummy doesnt look stuck out.

  21. Vani at | | Reply

    Isnt Ameesha’a corset top in the first picture quite similar to what shilpa wore for teh Bigg Boss 2 Finale??
    Both are a disaster by the way!!

    P>S: I’m addicted to higheelconfidential.com.. its a boon to all us girls!

  22. xoxo at | | Reply

    definitely like her.. bt her stomach is definitely not flat as the model in the first pic… she looks better overalll but i hated shilpa in bigboss finale

  23. nafisa at | | Reply

    duz the photographer of the first pic hate her??…i mean cum ONNN sum1 cud hav pointed out tht her tummy is curved out n not in…

  24. Molee at | | Reply

    guys and girls, please chill. Tummies like Amisha’s are considered as beautiful by most in India. I once saw a documentary on bolywood which said, i quote, ‘ sleek plumpness is almost a virtue in the land of the under nourished’.

  25. zena at | | Reply

    the lehnga shouldnt have had a white lining….i dont like the top as well…its so not wearable….i wonder who designed it.

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