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This beautiful, young actor has been bit of a letdown sartorially. We were hoping for her to experiment, have fun, make us sit up and take notice but we may just have bit of a wait ahead of us… Her two most recent appearances don’t look very promising after all.

While the pink platform sandals added punch to her look in the blue Gauri and Nainika jumpsuit, it really was hard to get past the bad hem job. Not big on the pink Natasha Dalal dress either. Besides, the embellished dress could’ve used spunkier styling; the nude pumps were bit of a snooze. Also, it needed leggings/tights. Same ol’ side-swept hair finished out her look both times.

Perhaps third time would be the charm?

Alia Bhatt In Natasha Dalal At The Designer's Label Launch And At Maybelline Event In Gauri And Nainika-1

Alia Bhatt
Left: At A Maybelline Event
Right: At Natasha Dalal’s Label Launch

Alia Bhatt In Natasha Dalal At The Designer's Label Launch And At Maybelline Event In Gauri And Nainika-2

Alia Bhatt
Left: At A Maybelline Event
Right: At Natasha Dalal’s Label Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She looks like she forgot her pants in the pink dress, not flattering at all! The blue jumpsuit does have horrible hemming. If the hemming had been better, it would’ve been a vibrant outfit.

    • I think both looks are a joke! She’s having a laugh and trying to play us. Only thing is, i think the joke’s on her. (literally)

  2. shocking to see the pink “top” without shorts/pants/leggings!!! Alia Bhatt desperately needs a stylist or maybe switch to another one!

  3. Not sure why there was a need to post the picture to illustrate your point about the pink dress look needing tights or leggings. An allusion to it would have been quite enough- let’s keep these posts nice!

    • Incorrect. It was to illustrate the open back detail of the dress. When there are pictures showing additional angles/ back details, they have always been posted. There is no (and never has been with any past posts) tabloid-style snark intended.

  4. She is wearing super sheer natural tights to fool herself … and herself is the only one being fooled for sure! LIGHTS … CAMERA … ACTION … WIND!

  5. This spunky actress should hire a good stylist for her clothes to her makeup and hair – her fashion sense so far invariably does no justice to her.

  6. That Gauri and Nainika jumpsuit looks like a craft school project, just like most of their other clothes. I have no idea who started calling them ‘designers’. Even after so many years in the business, they can’t get a hem right.

  7. I love the color on her! At her age a short dress is cute, I don’t think it looks vulgar at all. Plus that one camera angle is absolutely unflattering.

  8. The pink top looks like shes forgotten the leghanga that goes below it. and The blue jump suit … nice choice but bad hem.
    Shes sucha a lovelyyound preppy girl … she should try some surily goel and atsu dresses!

  9. When will Alia Bhatt realise that these super short, tight dresses do nothing for her? She couldn’t have chosen a more unflattering go-to ‘dress up’ look.

  10. ok first of all are we sure the pink one is a dress and not a top !!! Maybe she got it all wrong .. reg the blue jumpsuit it does look nice.. oh why oh why did she have to hem it like that …

  11. who is styling her?! she needs to change her stylist pronto! the hem job on the jumpsuit is just plain embarrassing.. pink dress is cute but a little too short!

  12. Pink dress is very cute ! itt is that photo taken from the back that is unflattering. She looks nice in the jumpsuit and the dress.very pretty face.

  13. If a celebrity CHOOSES to wear such short, skimpy dresses then no blog or website should be criticized for publishing such pictures.

  14. hey on the left she is at the maybelline event and on the right side she is at the natasha dayal event. I know her bad hem might have distracted you .


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