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  1. Avani at | | Reply

    So cute. Love that satchel.

  2. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Boots? And layers of clothing she is wearing! Will never understand Bollywood’s obsession with boots for airport looks. The bag is lurveeely though it looks so out of place in her look.

  3. Plumsarepurple at | | Reply

    What a lovely bag!!
    It infuses so much spunk and irreverence into an otherwise forgettable ensemble.

  4. Sam at | | Reply

    Isn’t it boiling there? Multiple layers and boots make her look crazy.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      It is a silly look. Problem is – even all these airport looks have become so ‘same lame’ and cookie-cutter in Bollywood. Every second celeb wears ripped denims/shiny tights, boots/sneakers, either such witchy jackets or those sweatshirts with shades on with or without the new found love – hats/cap on. All in all, these are the ingredients of an airport look and celebs mismatch and wear them regardless of what the weather is.

      1. RK at | | Reply

        Not to white knight for her but… This is how most people (including me) dress when travelling to a colder climate. It’s an absolute pain to pack boots as they eat up space and luggage allowance. The layers work as they can be quickly taken off as soon as it gets uncomfortable.

      2. Felicity at | | Reply

        Wearing boots and heavy layers is more practical than packing them… It allows more space in your luggage… I do it all the time! whenever celebrities are seen in boots people start ranting about weather inappropriateness… It’s not relevant, given that celebrities transition from plane to airport to car, all fully air conditioned !

        1. BlueBells at | | Reply

          You both are right from packing & luggage allowance point of view but then she is travelling from a colder climate to a humid one so anyway boots are beyond me. Also, my comment was intended for Bollywood celebs in general. Regardless of the weather of their destination or of the place they are leaving behind, you will see almost ALL of these celebs in boots for the airport (9/10 times). More specifically, I was describing the general airport looks of these celebs from my observation. The way they turn out like clones of each other gives me an impression like they have a set standardised airport looks as well.

  5. Nandita at | | Reply

    its not a knee high pair of boots, so thats fine. Otherwise, the get-up feels too gimmicky.

  6. Ranij at | | Reply

    I love that bag. It’s too cute but probably will look silly on many others

  7. trupsster at | | Reply

    Love the bag! I quickly clicked on the ‘Buy’ link and closed the webpage promptly in a flash when I saw the price tag of £1,240! Phew!

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